RHOD: Stephanie Hollman Slams 'Bully' Kameron Westcott -- Reveals That They Don't Talk!

RHOD: Stephanie Hollman Slams 'Bully' Kameron Westcott -- Reveals That They Don't Talk!
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Real Housewives of Dallas stars Stephanie Hollman and Kameron Westcott have always had a hot and cold relationship. Although the two have allegedly patched their friendship on-screen, they no longer talk in real-time.

Kameron is in line to be the new matriarch of the privileged Westcott family of Dallas society whereas Stephanie married into money after growing up in a lower class.

On the show, there have been multiple times where Kam seemingly looked down at her co-stars Stephanie and Brandi Redmond for their behavior in public and private. Although Brandi could not care less what the Westcott thinks of her, Hollman has been open with sharing how her castmate makes her feel.

She told both her therapist and her mother that the mom of two makes her feel less than. Unfortunately, that hasn't changed.

The RHOD personality spoke with US Weekly where she called Kameron a bully and revealed that they don't speak anymore.

'We don't speak at all. I would like to have a healthy friendship with her, but if it’s not going to be healthy, I don’t want a friendship. I feel like the way that she treats me is honestly, like, a bully. She talks down to me. She doesn’t let me finish sentences. She doesn’t respect me. She goes on social media and tries to call me a liar. Honestly, I feel like those are actions of somebody who is trying to manipulate control. And to me, that’s stuff that a bully does. I just don’t agree with it. And I don’t do those things to her.'

Westcott has responded to her former friend's claims and she isn't taking them lightly.

'Calling someone a bully is not a word Stephanie should throw around lightly. It’s upsetting she uses this word so easily. There are so many children who do get bullied in today’s world and it’s not something to use to just get personal attention on a reality TV show,' she told Life and Style.

Kameron also added that she's surprised by Stephanie's words and explained how important it is to her to set a good example for her kids.

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