RHOD Mama Dee Slammed As 'Evil Mother' For Leaving D'Andra Simmons Failing Company

RHOD Mama Dee Slammed As 'Evil Mother' For Leaving D'Andra Simmons Failing Company
Credit: Source: Bravo

Mama Dee's blunt attitude and familiar face are what got her a Bravo fan base on Real Housewives of Dallas. However, the newest season is showing a different side of the iconic entrepreneur.

After years of asking, Mama Dee Simmons finally turned over her company to her daughter D'Andra Simmons. The only problem was that when she decided to let her take over the reins -- the company was three months away from failing.

This caused D'andra to have to make some drastic changes. In the latest episode, the RHOD personality confronted her mom because she felt like she was purposely given the money pit.


She was met with a cold shoulder by her mother who told her to basically get over it and figure it out.

Many viewers took to social media to slam the Bravolebrity for being an 'evil mother.'

D'andra recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen where she was asked if she knew about the financial trouble the company was in.

She explained: 'I did not because my mother says that my father said, ‘Don’t ever show her the books.' Well, when he passed away, she kept on with that understanding that they had.'

Dee senior also phoned in where she insisted that she didn't give the business to D'andra on its last leg with malicious intent.

'I don’t really give a rip. Mama Dee didn’t do that. I would never do that to my daughter.'

Simmons recently gave an update to People Magazine about the company she runs with her husband.

'My husband has come to work at the business. We have two other employees now. “It’s a startup company. I didn’t think I would be here but I’m grateful to still have a business and I know that I can do amazing things with it. It’s just shown how determined I am and the perseverance I have and that I am my mother’s daughter.'

Do you think D'andra was set up to fail?


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