'RHOD' LeeAnne Locken Claims Andy Cohen Is The One Who Loses It At The Season 3 Reunion

'RHOD' LeeAnne Locken Claims Andy Cohen Is The One Who Loses It At The Season 3 Reunion
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The Season 3 reunion of Real Housewives of Dallas is almost here, and fans can expect it to be like no other. Thanks to the rumors that are flying, the friendship drama, and that infamous trip to Copenhagen, the ladies will have a lot to talk about with host Andy Cohen.

LeeAnne Locken and Kameron Westcott talked to the Daily Dish last week at the Third Annual Vanderpump Dog Foundation gala, and they spilled some details about the crazy day of shooting.

"It took me 48 hours to decompress!" Locken said. "It was loud. It was out of control at times. I really do think Andy might have lost control a couple of times. I think he thought, 'Where are these women from?' Like, he's never seen us go crazy. Here we are, crazy!"

Westcott added that the reunion was “wild,” and she has been shaking since she left New York. She says that she had “so much more to say” at the reunion, but didn’t get the chance. And, she feels like nothing got resolved, and everything is still a crazy mess.

In Westcott’s opinion, there were some women in the RHOD cast who weren’t being honest, and you will see people who are “speaking their truth, which is sometimes not the truth.” Westcott also said that a lot of people lied, and she has a hard time being around people who do that. So, she sat there shaking when some of the women were talking because they were telling “flat-out” lies.

As she looks back on the experience, Westcott says she feels gross because she was around people who lied to her face, and that was hard.

Locken - also known as the Mouth of the South - said that she, too, could have said more at the reunion, but she was happy to see others have their voices heard. She explained that everyone had a lot to say, and she was proud of the few people who got some things out that never get stuff out. And, she is proud to be their friend.

D’Andra Simmons, who last year opted for a sparkly black jumpsuit at her first reunion, meant business this season and dressed up in a metallic black and gold pantsuit by Alice + Olivia, which she called her “boss b***h power evening suit.” She added a sexy underpinning and completed the look with gold jewelry and a pair of Louboutin heels.

Catch LeeAnne Locken weather the storm that is coming for her on the season finale of Real Housewives of Dallas Wednesday, Nov. 28, on Bravo.


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