RHOD: Kameron Westcott Doubles Down On Doing Favor For Rival Stephanie Hollman

RHOD: Kameron Westcott Doubles Down On Doing Favor For Rival Stephanie Hollman
Credit: Source: Bravo

Leanne Locken and Kary Brittangham's feud isn't the only subject taking center stage at the Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion. During the first part that aired Wednesday night, Stephanie Hollman and Kameron Westcott went head to head.

While Stephanie feels like Kameron looks down on her, the Westcott feels that the Hollman thinks she's a dumb blonde.

While arguing about their differing opinions, Stephanie stood her ground when she said: 'Do you feel like you treated me kindly? Do you feel like you listened to me and gave me respect? If you’re my friend you would listen to me and treat me like a human being and not like a dog .'

Kameron drops a bomb stating that she was reached out to by a country club that the Hollman's belong to and put in a good word for them and it hurts her feelings that Stephanie would call her a bully when she did something nice for her without her family knowing.

RHOD husband Travis tweeted about her claim.

' Thank you Kam for getting me into the [Country] Club. Since you are not a member of my club, it probably meant a lot to everyone who does not know you to have your blessing. Just hearing you say that cracks me up.  #RHOD   #backtoreality.'

The tweet was reposted by a popular Bravo fan page.

Kam clapped back in the comment section.

'Actually yes… I vouched to get them into a club. I’m not a member but people approached me directly asking about them since they didn’t know them. It was hurtful to me to hear them talking behind my back about my ‘ego’ when I had been nice to them and done them a favor without wanting anything in return! 🤷🏼‍♀️ tried to be nice and got name called and ridiculed in return.'

It's safe to say that Stephanie and Kameron will not be on the same page any time soon.


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