RHOC Viewers Reportedly Want Kelly Dodd Fired Over All The Vicki Gunvalson Drama

RHOC Viewers Reportedly Want Kelly Dodd Fired Over All The Vicki Gunvalson Drama
Credit: Source: Bravo

Kelly Dodd may have taken things too far in her ongoing feud with Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson. Following Dodd’s latest drunken tirade against the OG of the OC, fans are now asking Bravo to fire Dodd for body shaming her co-star and trying to ruin her career.

Dodd has been blasting Gunvalson on Instagram all week long. In one video, Dodd referred to Gunvalson as a “pig” and appeared to be drunk during the recording. She then laughed at the comment and continued to bash her co-star while Gina Kirschenheiter looked on. As fans will recall, Kirschenheiter was busted for a DUI earlier this year.

Dodd’s insulting videos did not stop there. Later this week, she posted another clip, this time featuring former Bravolebrity Lauri Peterson. Dodd praised Peterson as being the true OG of the OC, a title Gunvalson frequently invokes.

Aside from Gunvalson, Dodd has also bashed her RHOC co-star Heather Dubrow for her weight loss, calling her Skeletor to her face. Dubrow confronted Dodd about the disparaging remarks and called her out for trying to body shame people.

According to Lalate News , fans have had enough of Dodd’s behavior and are calling for her to be fired as soon as possible. Some fans feel so strongly about the situation that they hope Dodd is out before filming for Season 14 is finished.

The cast members are currently in the middle of production for the upcoming season, so it is possible that Dodd could be removed before the show returns later this year.

Their feud heated up during the Season 13 reunion after Gunvalson accused Dodd of using drugs. After the reunion aired, Dodd took to social media and vowed to leave the series if Gunvalson was not punished for her actions.

Kelly Dodd later backtracked and is expected to appear alongside Gunvalson this season.

Season 14 of the Real Housewives of Orange County is expected to premiere later this year.


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  • S. S.
    S. S. Mar 11, 2019 3:14 AM PDT

    Even tho Vicki has wronged Kelly, with the husband situation, she has not spoke to anyone like Kelly has, & when kelly is junk, or as she say she really hasn't drinking yet, her face get so evil looking, & you can't compromise with her, she has said some real nasty things to the group, if you gonna get rid of somebody, let it be her, RHOA, Ne- Ne, you my girl & all, but you looking real crazy right about now, Gregg maybe saying a lot of things, but there's nothing he's saying that you cannot handle, you bigger than that, you look like you just don't want to deal with the situation, everybody's not a care giver, Gregg just have to buckle down & take it, also tho, you maybe upset about this, but it has not stopped you from going or doing anything you wanna do so stop playing the sympathy card it does not look good on you, & apologize to all the girls & mean it, none of them deserve that, honestly you look like you making those things an issue just to stay relevant, I don't think you should be outing no one at this point, I was hoping they keep you on the show, again if they remove you completely i'm not watching, RHOBH, please get rid of Renna, she is out for blood when it comes down to Lisa, now sometimes Lisa V. don't admit some things, she is not bashing other's like Lisa R. & how she invited herself into Teddy's & Kyle situation, & stir up all that mess with the girls, I don't like that she is not being called out for what she is doing, not unless yall want this & Mrs. Jane can't call her name right now, yall know who i'm talking about she do act like a bully & don't yall notice she flip side's oh I got it Erika, none of your peers should be scared of you, it looks snobbish, Done

  • lori
    lori Mar 10, 2019 7:17 PM PDT

    Kelly your time is coming! Your mouth is your enemy and you can't stop. Your fans the few you had are jumping the ship on you. They have had enough of you and your lies, temper and throwing your co workers under the bus. Your far from a social butterfly, your a snake in the grass. The producers better wake up and bravo and see you hold no value on the show. What ever anyone thinks about Vicki, her time is not up on the show. Vicki, just made Kelly look like a complete fool for Kelly telling producers she would leave if Vicki comes back. Well, you lost lady and Vicki is back and I hope she never speaks or hangs out with you again. Does she think her co stars are going to trust her again? If she tried to do this to Vicki, none of them are safe with her. Kelly you have your self to thank for making your self the town crier and no one cares.

    • Marilyn Walker
      Marilyn Walker Mar 11, 2019 8:31 AM PDT

      Oh please Vicki got demoted and took half the pay and the only reason she's still on the show is due to promising a fake engagement and fake wedding

  • Regina
    Regina Mar 10, 2019 5:59 PM PDT

    Kelly crosses the line many times!! Why aren’t the producers giving her a pink slip? She is too much of an instigator.

    • Marilyn Walker
      Marilyn Walker Mar 11, 2019 8:29 AM PDT

      WOW Kelly isn't the one who lied about cancer, covered it all up for a piece of d, lied about everyone on the show out of spite for "not being her friend" as Vicki did and stated outright that if Shannon and Tamra didn't want to be her friend they were going to be punished.

  • AP
    AP Mar 10, 2019 3:42 PM PDT

    Kelly needs to go and take Gina with her! I’m tuning out as long as they remain on that show. Vicki did nothing worse than those two boring witches have. Double standard right there that Kelly is good with as long as it serves a purpose for her.

    DOLORES Mar 10, 2019 2:07 PM PDT

    Kelly Dodd needs to go. No longer watching New Jersey, as well as big hair, big mouth wanna be famous no matter what it takes. Time to let them all go. The "tail" is now wagging the Bravo dog.

    • M.P.
      M.P. Mar 10, 2019 9:42 PM PDT

      Good one!! I was always a fan of the Housewives franchise but I can't stand seeing LVP being picked on and I'm so sick of Rinna. I recently read she's going calling her lawyer because she deserves equal pay since Vanderpump Dogs is being shown. If I hear her say "I'm a hustler" one more time I'm going to be sick. Rinnas a big mouth troublemaker. I would have knocked her out!!

  • Cheryl Smith
    Cheryl Smith Mar 10, 2019 1:28 PM PDT

    Please get rid of Kelly Dodd. She is a negative influence to everyone.

    • Carrie
      Carrie Mar 10, 2019 6:08 PM PDT

      I agree Kelly Dods is nothing but a bully she's so has nasty and a terrible role model.I quit watching because of her.

      • M.P.
        M.P. Mar 10, 2019 8:56 PM PDT

        I stopped watching because of her too. She's disgusting!!

  • scott
    scott Mar 10, 2019 12:01 PM PDT

    Vicki, is that you?

  • Patti
    Patti Mar 10, 2019 11:16 AM PDT

    Kelly’s and Lisa R fro. Beverly Hills should be both fired. I can’t stand Lisa R she sits back and smirks when LVP is “in trouble” LVP doesn’t need this show this show needs LVP. And let Freaking Nene go we are sick of her also... so that’s Lisa R...Nene L, and Kelly Dodd and split their money with the rest of them. And Teddy what you have I. A text isn’t proof LVP did anything wrong. Hush or your next!

    • M.P.
      M.P. Mar 10, 2019 8:58 PM PDT

      Well said. I couldn't agree more.

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