'RHOC' Star Kelly Dodd Kept Her Divorce Secret From Her Co-Stars, Friends, And Even Her Family

'RHOC' Star Kelly Dodd Kept Her Divorce Secret From Her Co-Stars, Friends, And Even Her Family
Source: Bravo

Kelly Dodd’s family troubles extend well beyond her estranged husband, Michael Dodd. On the heels of the couple’s nasty divorce, Kelly kept the split hidden from family and close friends. Not only did they find out about the divorce online, but they also knew it was coming a while ago.

The insider claims that the Real Housewives of Orange County star hasn’t talked with her mother or brother in over a year. With Kelly keeping the breakup to herself, most of her family read about the divorce online, though the news did not surprise them.

Kelly has apparently wanted to divorce Michael for five years running and was waiting until they sold the house to pull the trigger.

Kelly and Michael put their mansion up for sell last year. The estate was taken off the market and re-listed this past March. Police have been called to the Dodd’s home 11 times this year, including an astounding 6 times in July. In one of their many encounters, Kelly told the cops that she was ready for a divorce.

The pair tried to resolve their differences through therapy but could not fix their broken marriage a second time. As RHOC fans are well aware, Kelly Dodd broke up with Michael in 2012 but rescinded the divorce because the process was too complicated.

At the time, Michael accused the reality star of leaving her daughter to get drunk and filed a restraining order. Kelly attended a few sessions of Alcoholics Anonymous and the case was eventually dropped.

Kelly officially confirmed the divorce this week. In a special statement, the RHOC star revealed that her marriage is ruined and admitted that she and Michael are not good for each other.

Kelly held out hope that she could be friends with her husband after the split and says they are concentrating on their daughter moving forward.

While her family has not officially commented on the divorce, the source claims that they don’t feel sorry for her plight. Instead, Kelly Dodd’s family believes she needs to go through intense therapy before they re-open the lines of communication.

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