RHOC - Meghan King Edmonds' Estranged Husband Jim Edmonds Responds To Cheating Allegations

RHOC -  Meghan King Edmonds' Estranged Husband Jim Edmonds Responds To Cheating Allegations
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Just one day after celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary, former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds accused her husband Jim Edmonds of cheating with their nanny, Carly Wilson. That confrontation led to the cops being called and Jim filing for divorce, and as soon as the news of the split surfaced, he set his Instagram account to private. But now, Jim has made the account public again, and the former St. Louis Cardinal center fielder has posted a scathing response to his wife’s cheating allegations.

He started the post by writing, “BREAKING NEWS. It’s one thing to be accused of something. It’s another thing to be so negligent and so careless, and ruin the lives of innocent young people.”

Jim then denied the cheating accusations by writing that he didn’t sleep with the nanny, and he said that Wilson is way more than the nanny to their three small children. Edmonds explained that Wilson is someone that he and Meghan brought into their home and promised to protect and look after.

“We have been treating and raising this young girl like she is our own child!” wrote Jim.

He went on to write that someone accusing him of sleeping with the girl is not only wrong, but “disgusting and irresponsible.”

Jim also acknowledged that he was a professional athlete who was portrayed as a bad guy on Bravo, but he says that doesn’t mean he has no clue what life is about. He claimed that he and his wife made a promise to Wilson’s mom that they would take care of her and she would be safe, and he refuses to “sit here and take this bullsh*t without fighting back.”

Then, without mentioning any names, the Fox Sports Midwest broadcaster wrote that just because you’re extremely witty and intelligent - and know how to play the Instagram game - it doesn’t give “you” the right to use the platform to wrongfully accuse people.

Jim called the act irresponsible and dangerous, and he says it puts his family in harm’s way. He added that everyone makes mistakes, but this is not one of those times. Jim Edmonds said his heart is broken for everyone involved in the divorce drama, and he hopes that the one thing people can get from his post is “the truth.”

Wilson has also responded to the cheating allegations, telling People Magazine that the "allegations are completely false."

Jim and Meghan Edmonds married in October 2014 and then she joined the cast of the Real Housewives of Orange County the following year. Both Meghan and Jim were part of RHOC from Season 10 to Season 12, and then she returned earlier this season for a cameo appearance at Shannon Beador’s birthday party.

New episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County air Tuesday nights on Bravo.


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