'RHOC' Kelly Dodd And Husband Michael Enter Therapy After Domestic Disturbance Revelations

'RHOC' Kelly Dodd And Husband Michael Enter Therapy After Domestic Disturbance Revelations
Source: Bravo

The 13-year marriage of Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd and her husband Michael could be in some serious trouble. After a summer of multiple police visits to their home for domestic disputes and a 911 call, the couple is reportedly seeking help to save their relationship.

According to a Radar Online source, “Kelly and Michael are in couple’s therapy right now and they are really hoping to fix things.”

In July, police were called to the Dodd’s Newport Beach home six times in three days, and just a few weeks later a 911 call was placed from a cell phone. It was in that same month that Dodd admitted to her Housewives co-stars that she and her husband once separated for two years and almost divorced.

Kelly Dodd, 46, has spent a lot of time this season condemning the marriages of her co-stars, especially that of Meghan King-Edmonds and her husband, former Major League Baseball player Jim Edmonds. On the show, Dodd claimed Edmonds cheated on his wife during her pregnancy; and, in Dodd’s blog, she took a stab at the couple by claiming Edmonds’ husband was not supportive of his wife. Her reasoning being because he did not show up for IVF treatments while trying to conceive.

However, the source claims that Dodd’s fights with her co-stars pale in comparison to what goes on behind the closed doors of her home.  The Dodd’s have called the police eleven times this year alone for domestic matters, and this isn’t the first time the Dodd’s have had to involve the police in their relationship.

In 2014, Dodd’s husband filed for an order of protection against his wife, and she was forced to attend ten Alcoholic Anonymous meetings and six months of therapy to get the order lifted.

On top of the problems she has had with her husband, the reality star has also had issues with exes. In 2013, she filed a restraining order against her fiancé due to accusations of assault, and in 2015 she filed another one, this time against her ex-fiancé’s girlfriend.

It has gone the other way, too. Kelly Dodd’s ex-boyfriend’s wife filed a restraining order against her after years of harassment via phone calls, texts, and emails.

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