RHOC Fans Are Confused By Kelly Dodd's Engagement Announcement - 'What Happened To Dr. Brian?'

RHOC Fans Are Confused By Kelly Dodd's Engagement Announcement - 'What Happened To Dr. Brian?'
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Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd just announced on Instagram that she is engaged to her boyfriend of three months, Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal. But, the news has confused a lot of RHOC fans who are asking “What happened to Dr. Brian?”

Dodd and Leventhal started their whirlwind romance back in August, just days after Dodd called it quits with Dr. Brian Reagan. And, the relationship also started after filming wrapped on Season 14 of Real Housewives of Orange County .

Dodd’s troubled relationship with Dr. Brian is currently playing out in new episodes of RHOC each week, and some fans apparently had no idea the couple broke up and that Dodd moved on so quickly with Leventhal.

“Wait...what...what happened to the doc? What did I miss?!” wrote one fan on Twitter, with another adding, “Wait!!!! What!!!! What is the time frame when they record a show and when they actually show it?”

The news of Dodd’s engagement highlights a growing problem in the world of reality television - the gap between filming a show and putting new episodes on TV. With reality stars sharing their lives on social media, fans can find out what’s going on months ahead of a season premiere.

At the same time, fans who don’t follow their favorite reality TV stars on social media - but watch their shows on television - can get very confused by the current storylines and contradictory headlines in the news.

In response to Dodd’s engagement news, 0ne RHOC fan on Twitter wrote, “By the time the HW season airs, it’s full of old news. Viewers want to see what is happening now. Who wants to watch Kelly and Brian when we will already know it’s history? Too much lag time. Needs to be fixed. Social media provides current information.”

Will Bravo ever cut down the time between filming a Housewives season and airing it? Probably not. If fans want up-to-the minute details about their favorite reality star, it’s best to stick with social media.

As for Dodd, she says she is beyond excited about her future with Leventhal, and she told People Magazine he was her best friend and “partner in crime." Dodd says she is so in love, and she can’t believe this has happened.

“I feel like I just won the lottery,” says Dodd.

New episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County - that feature all the drama that went down between Kelly Dodd and the cast six months ago - air Tuesday nights on Bravo.


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