'RHOC' Emily Simpson Is Not A Girl's Girl, Slams Tamra Judges Business Over Shane Drama

'RHOC' Emily Simpson Is Not A Girl's Girl, Slams Tamra Judges Business Over Shane Drama
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The feud between Real Housewives of Orange County stars Emily Simpson and Tamra Judge continues, and Simpson just slammed Judge on Twitter while defending her husband, Shane. After posting a screenshot that a friend sent of Judge insulting Shane, Emily wrote a sassy response.

“My husband isn’t a little b***h that involves himself or goes after women. That’s gross!” Judge wrote of Shane.

In her response, Emily posted Judge’s harsh words, and then added the caption, “Happy Holidays Tamra! Thank you for always being such a class act.” She also took a shot at Judge’s business, CUT Fitness, writing, “I hope you had an amazing holiday party with the Cut Fitness members. All four of them. #afriendsentmethisscreenshot #rhoc #happyholidays #happytobeblocked”

Emily explained to Us Weekly that Judge consistently speaks poorly of her and her family, and her statements about Shane are “hypocritical and childish.” The party planner added that she has never spoken poorly about Judge’s husband, Eddie, and she is not the kind of woman who gets involved in a “petty war of words.”

The RHOC newbie also claimed that Judge was the one who always starts it, and she is the one who finishes it.

But Judge has said that it is Emily who is stirring the pot, and she thinks the issue isn’t what happened in front of cameras, but what Emily and her family are doing behind her back.

“Outside of the show, just things that I’ve heard, things that she’s done. Her sister’s out there tweeting horrible things about me and Eddie,” said Judge.

The reality star has also accused Emily of being jealous her marriage and faking storylines on RHOC . In a November Instagram post, Judge wrote that Emily should be envious of her marriage, and she has other people do her dirty work. She added the hashtags #playsvictim and #fake.

Emily quickly responded to the post by writing on her Instagram Stories that she likes Eddie, but she isn’t jealous of the marriage. She added, “if you don’t like fake storylines, maybe you should stop fake losing your top.”

Emily SImpson also recently revealed that Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador have blocked her on Instagram.


New episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County will return to Bravo in 2019.


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