RHOBH's Lisa Rinna Stuns With Long, Curly Hair β€” Fans Love The Hairstyle

RHOBH's Lisa Rinna Stuns With Long, Curly Hair β€” Fans Love The Hairstyle
Credit: Source: Lisa Rinna/Instagram

Real Housewives of Beverly Hill'sΒ  ( RHOBH ) star Lisa Rinna is known for her short, layered hair cut. Called a shag, it is revered by many women who love the way the varying lengths highlight the facial features, including the eyes. It's also a popular style for women in middle age as the shaggy layers help camouflage lines in the face. It's a look that Lisa Rinna has made popular along with Raquel Welch and Jane Fonda, who often opts for longer layers and feathers them back. RHOBH fans and Lisa's fans, in particular, know that many women on the show change their looks, but Lisa especially will go through many different hairstyles. One peek at Lisa's social media pages, such as her official Instagram account where she has 2.3 million followers, and you'll see that Lisa loves to play with her look. She will don many different wigs including those of various lengths, styles, and colors. In one of her recent photos, Lisa wore a long, curly wig, and fans are loving the look. The style was very flattering to her face shape and structure and some said she looked younger with the soft curls.

You may see a photo of Lisa Rinna's classic hairstyle below. The shag hairstyle is so popular that it has been turned into wigs for women who want that "Lisa Rinna" look.

The shag-layered hairstyle was also a popular look on Raquel Welch. You'll find that many women, once they hit their 40s or 50s opt for a shorter, shag hairstyle. Don't be misled by the comments below. There are plenty of Lisa Rinna wigs available on the market. The description is just speaking about getting the hairstyle for that company. The looks are nearly identical only Raquel wore longer, bangs but both Lisa and Raquel are known for wearing shaggy, side-swept bangs.

Here is an example of Jane Fonda's shag hairstyle flipped back at the sides.

Since so many people are accustomed to seeing Lisa Rinna with the short, layered haircut it is always a surprise to see her wearing a different hairstyle.Β  In the photo below, Lisa is seen with a light auburn hair color featuring blonde chunky highlights. The loose waves frame her eyes and then fall in soft, full ringlets around her face. The wig has plenty of volume and body and looks natural.

You may see the look below.

What do you think about Lisa Rinna's shag layered haircut? Do you associate that hairstyle with her?

What are your thoughts about the long, curly wig?

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