RHOBH Star Kyle Richards' Family Robbed Again!

RHOBH Star Kyle Richards' Family Robbed Again!
Credit: Source: WetPaint

Kyle Richards’ family cannot catch a break. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s daughter, Farrah, just got robbed after thieves broke into her car and stole thousands of dollars’ worth of personal belongings.

Farrah talked about the crime on Instagram and revealed that the criminals got inside her vehicle by breaking one of the windows. Once inside, they stole an assortment of high-value goods, including a computer, credit cards, and spare cash.

Although the robbery was terrible, Farrah admitted that she learned her lesson about leaving valuables inside her car. Farrah warned her followers about leaving things in vehicles that they don’t want stolen, even if they are only going to be gone for a minute.

This is unfortunately not the first time Richards’ family has been robbed. At the end of 2017, thieves broke into Richards’ home and stole a bunch of jewels and designer bags. The robbery went down while the family was vacationing in Colorado. Police have yet to catch the criminals.

Richards estimated that over $1 million was taken from her home, most of which was in jewelry. In fact, she revealed that her husband’s collection of luxury watches was stolen, which she valued at around $150,000.

The reality star later opened up about the burglary and admitted that losing her belongings was devastating, especially since a lot of the jewelry had been handed down in the family. After the robbery, Richards and her husband installed a better security system, which has made them feel safer at home.

Richards also has five dogs in the house for extra protection. Although it is sad to hear about Farrah’s loss, at least she learned some valuable lessons about leaving her valuables unattended. It’s also good that nobody was hurt in the robbery.

Kyle Richards has not commented on the latest robbery. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns Feb. 12 on Bravo.


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