RHOBH Season 9 Reunion Sets A Date, Will Lisa Vanderpump Be In Attendance?

RHOBH Season 9 Reunion Sets A Date, Will Lisa Vanderpump Be In Attendance?
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The Season 9 reunion taping of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is just days away, and there is still one big question that fans need answered: Will Lisa Vanderpump show up ? Bravo has set a taping date of Wednesday, June 5th, and LVP has still not decided if she will be at the reunion after enduring a drama-filled season that saw her RHOBH co-stars gang up on her over Puppygate.

When Season 9 premiered back in February, Vanderpump told Us Weekly that the reunion was still too far in the future. And she wasn’t sure if she would go to the taping because she wasn’t sure how fans would react.

However, her co-star and former friend Kyle Richards believes that no matter what, Vanderpump will be there.

“I think she will,” Richards told E!’s Daily Pop . “None of us like the reunion. No matter what, none of us like going. It’s torture. It’s like getting ready to go into the boxing ring the next day. It’s just an emotional torture all day. But I think she will.”

There are insiders, though, that think LVP will be a no-show because she doesn’t want to face the other Housewives or tell the truth about what happened when Dorit Kemsley adopted Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy from Vanderpump Dogs.

If the restaurateur decides to skip the reunion, that means she won’t get paid. But, that could be a sacrifice she is willing to make, so she doesn’t have to “face the music.”

Vanderpump has admitted that she hasn’t spoken to the rest of the cast since she wrapped filming on Season 9 late last year. LVP actually stopped filming with her co-stars halfway through, and she has accused them of bullying her and plotting her downfall.

Lisa Vanderpump’s RHOBH co-stars have denied the accusations.

There is also the question of just how close Vanderpump and Kemsley were before the dog drama. Both Dorit and her husband PK made it appear that they were close to Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd. But, Richards says she was much closer to LVP than Dorit was, and Camille Grammer has said she had no idea who Dorit and PK were until two years ago.

Vanderpump says that she was never close to PK, but they did run in the same social circles and did enjoy his company. As for Dorit, LVP says she didn’t know her well at all.

“When she was talking smack behind my back last year, well, that wasn't exactly a pleasant position to be in when you're trying to have some allegiance to them as a couple. But I kind of made allowances for it,” said Vanderpump.

There is no doubt the Season 9 RHOBH reunion will be full of drama when it airs later this summer - currently, new episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills air Tuesday nights on Bravo.


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