RHOBH Reunion Sneak Peek: Dorit Kemsley Slams 'Coward' Lisa Vanderpump While Others Agree She Should Have Attended

RHOBH Reunion Sneak Peek: Dorit Kemsley Slams 'Coward' Lisa Vanderpump While Others Agree She Should Have Attended
Credit: Source: Reality Blurb

A teaser for the upcoming season reunion of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has finally been released. All of the stars seem to have their mind on one thing -- the absence of Lisa Vanderpump.

Shortly after the reunion was taped it was revealed that LVP had chosen to ditch the event due to how she was treated all season long. Following the revelation, Lisa announced that she decided to quit the series that she has spent nearly a decade on.

In the video that was recently uploaded to Youtube, the ladies are getting all glammed up while giving their two cents on Vanderpump's ghosting.

Dorit Kemsley delivered the harshest response when she said: 'I thought Lisa, at least in this final act, would leave with her shoulders up and her head held up high and have a little bit of grace and her dignity intact and she didn’t. As far as I’m concerned, she’s bowed out like a coward. And I think that’s unfortunate… I kind of thought at least she would have done that for the people that do look at her as this regal, super-human but she’s not.'


Yikes. Meanwhile, Camille Grammar was nicer about the issue at hand but still felt that LVP should've been there.

'I have a lot of empathy for her and I [understand]. Even though I empathize with her, I think she should have shown up to express her feelings. This was her time to say, ‘Hey ladies, I was going through all of this.’ She’s not allowing herself that opportunity and that’s sad.'

Grammar was referring to the fact that Lisa was still grieving over the sudden loss of her brother Mark while they were filming RHOBH.

Lissa Rinna was more focused on the matter that she wouldn't get questions answered that she had for the Vanderpump Rules star.

'I have a lot of questions actually that I would have asked her. [Like] why she left and stopped filming. What was her reason? And why she called us bullies and mean girls. It’s really hard to be a bully when you don’t see somebody for eight months.'

Denise Richards and Andy Cohen were on the same page: they both felt that the England native should've been there to speak her piece.

What do you think about the sneak preview?


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