RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Explains What Exactly Went Down With Dorit Kemsley And Kyle Richards On Season 9

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Explains What Exactly Went Down With Dorit Kemsley And Kyle Richards On Season 9
Credit: Source: Bravo

The drama surrounding Lisa Vanderpump has been a popular talking point going into the new season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . We already know that Vanderpump had a major falling out with Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards, and the Vanderpump Rules star is finally opening up about what went wrong in front of the cameras.

For the first time, Vanderpump admitted that her beef with Kemsley and Richards centers on the dog her co-star adopted from her pet rescue. Kemsley reportedly adopted a dog from the shelter only to turn around and give it back up. While Richards says she found a good family for the pooch, Vanderpump was not pleased when she heard the news.

“Unfortunately, I think that's all this is about. But, you know, it's always good television,” Vanderpump shared. “Obviously, I'm not gonna feel like that because when you're the recipient of being, you know, being kind of bashed.”

But that wasn’t the only reason why Vanderpump had a rough season. According to Bravo TV , Vanderpump was going through some personal issues prior to the start of filming. This includes dealing with the death of her brother, Mark Vanderpump, who committed suicide last year. Vanderpump admitted that she was looking for happiness when production started and that this season was very emotional for her.

Apart from the personal issues, Vanderpump was also busy managing her businesses. This includes opening a new bar, Tom Tom, which only added more stress to her already busy schedule.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Vanderpump confessed that she was not ready for the drama this season. In fact, even Cohen told her that she probably should have sat this one out so that she could have some time to process everything that happened last year.

Unfortunately, Lisa Vanderpump did not reveal too many details about what’s ahead, so fans will have to tune it to find out what really went down between the co-stars.

Fans can watch the drama unfold when Season 9 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres Feb. 12 on Bravo.


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