RHOBH Kyle Richards Was 'Shocked' When Ken Todd Got In The Middle Of Her Feud With Lisa Vanderpump

RHOBH Kyle Richards Was 'Shocked' When Ken Todd Got In The Middle Of Her Feud With Lisa Vanderpump
Credit: Source: Bravo

During the first Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode of Season 9, fans witnessed Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump’s friendship fall apart before their eyes. And, Richards says that she never dreamed that Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd, would be involved.

“I was very shocked because he’s always been kind to me. I’ve always been a big fan and supporter of his, always. It was hurtful more than anything,” Richards recently told Us Weekly.

Richards said that the whole situation made her sad because her intent was to have a conversation with Vanderpump so they could talk through some things, and she never imagined that it would get to that level.

Vanderpump and Todd ended up kicking Richards out of Villa Rosa, their Beverly Hills home, after she got into a fight with Todd. Richards said she wasn’t attacking, just speaking her truth . And, she doesn’t believe the punishment matched up with the situation.

Richards says that in hindsight, she realizes that she probably shouldn’t have gone to their house to talk, but she didn’t have any “ill intention.”

Richards has not spoken to Vanderpump or Todd since the disaster, and that is strange for her because she has always been so close to the couple. The reality star says that she has sent texts and emails, but has never heard anything back. So, it’s possible that they have blocked her.

After the premiere aired, one fan tweeted that when Richards responded to Vanderpump crying over the death of her brother by saying that she has a lot going on in her own life, it showed Richards’ true colors.

Richards explained in a tweet that she shouldn’t have said that, and she was referring to her “crippling anxiety” that she is taking medication for. But nothing compares to what Vanderpump went through.

The former Little House on the Prairie actress detailed her struggles with anxiety in a blog post this week, telling fans that her anxiety was “through the roof” during filming for Season 9. She says her daughter Sophia was leaving for college and she was having physical problems with her eyes.

Kyle Richards has turned to exercise to help her with the anxiety. And, instead of drinking and getting depressed, exercise is the best remedy for when she is stressed.

New episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills air Tuesday nights on Bravo.


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