RHOBH Fans Claim Teddi Mellencamp's Husband Orchestrated Kyle Richards' Home Burglary

RHOBH Fans Claim Teddi Mellencamp's Husband Orchestrated Kyle Richards' Home Burglary
Credit: Source: Bravo

When the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills went on their RV trip this season, it was hard to ignore the plug for Skyline Security and Smart Home Management. Teddi Mellencamp’s husband, Edwin Arroyave owns the security company, and their vacation vehicle was wrapped in advertising for the business. However, instead of the ad bringing in new customers, it sparked fan curiosity about Kyle Richards’ home burglary .

RHOBH fans never forget. And, after Bravo allowed Arroyave and Mellencamp to promote the business, fans started talking on social media about the robbery that took place during the airing of the Season 8 reunion at the Encino home Richards shares with her husband, Mauricio Umansky.

They hired Arroyave’s company to install a security system, but while they were on vacation in Aspen, Colorado, thieves grabbed more than $1 million in jewelry and handbags. Richards told People Magazine in January 2018 that there was an error during installation that kept the security system from working properly.

Richards said that the alarms in her home were not armed when the robbery occurred because of a missing panel, and this made the app Richards and Umansky used to activate the system useless. The outlet explained that a motion sensor alerted the couple to the break-in, and then they found a broken window on the property which was probably how the burglar got inside the home.

“I said, ‘It must be something faulty with the app,” said Richards. “We’ve got very tall gates on the house, a state-of-the-art home security system, and my housekeeper was sleeping there at the time. I thought. ‘I don’t believe that, that’s not possible.’”

However, in April 2018, Richards tweeted that the robbery took place before they installed the security system, and this contradiction had fans scratching their heads. Many started to speculate that Mellencamp and Arroyave were behind the robbery, especially since their company has multiple one-star reviews on Yelp claiming that the business is unethical. There are even accusations of fraud.

“Lmao Edwin took over security at Kyles, Kyles house then gets robbed and then suddenly teddi and Edwin upgrade to a bigger, better home? I’m just gonna leave that there #RHOBH,” wrote a fan.

After the robbery, Richards considered moving out of the home but eventually decided against it. Now she has five dogs, and armed guards patrol the property.

New episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills air Tuesday nights on Bravo.


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  • Montie
    Montie Aug 6, 2019 1:39 PM PDT

    Regarding RHOBH show, the person who should be fired from the show is Teddi Mellencamp! I’m not the only fan who thinks so. It’s bad enough for the show that Lisa Vanderpump left. LVP was the driving force of the show. It’s difficult to watch the show now. The entire “story line” is so staged! The show has actually become just a joke that isn’t worth to watch. Replace Teddi Mellencamp with someone who is actually honest and doesn’t continually try to convince everyone that she is. Listening to Teddi saying I’m the most honest person. That’s when I turn it off. Good luck Bravo with the next season. I do hope the show starts getting real.

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