‘RHOBH’ Alum Brandi Glanville Cries Over “Embarrassing Drunk Night” Photos In Instagram Apology Video

‘RHOBH’ Alum Brandi Glanville Cries Over “Embarrassing Drunk Night” Photos In Instagram Apology Video
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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville cried in an Instagram video today over embarrassing drunk night out photos of her. She is visibly distraught over her recent actions, which Glanville also owned up to for the sake of her family, especially her two sons.

Glanville got candid in the emotional video as she talked about her night out in Los Angeles last week. Her actions had such an impact on the reality TV star, she sobbed through her whole speech.

"For those of you that want to judge me, you can, all you want. But I'm telling you, I'm embarrassed, and sometimes, you know, you see your friends with their perfect husbands and they have their kids full-time, and I don't have that. And then there's a worry that I'm going to grow old alone. I know I embarrassed my kids. I'm not perfect. That's all I have to say," she said in her message.

Drinking and Dating: P.S. Social Media Is Ruining Romance author shares Jake age 12 and Mason age 15, with her ex-husband actor Eddie Cibrian. Ever since he had an affair and left her for singer Leann Rimes, the exes have had a turbulent relationship. It has been hard for Glanville to see her boys with their father and stepmother.

Glanville has been vocal about her struggle with depression. She first addressed the photos on Sunday, where she declared part of the reason the RHOBH alum looked wasted was because of a change in her medication. It was not an excuse but rather an essential piece of information the 47-year-old thought her fans should know.

Despite it being such a sensitive topic and Brandi Glanville crying in her message about her drunken night out photos, the RHOBH alum is doing her best to move past the incident.

"I'm fine I was just keeping tradition!!! Every few years I get wasted and stumble out of a Hollywood hotspot. Didn't want to let anyone down," she Tweeted before Glanville revealed she is working on her next project, which is going to performance art and her possibility of going on tour.

It was not her finest hour, but Glanville has owned up to the embarrassing drunken photos. She knows her actions have consequences for herself, as well as her boys and is working hard to do better by all of them.

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