RHOA: The Cookie Lady Tells All On Paul Judge

RHOA: The Cookie Lady Tells All On Paul Judge
Credit: Source: Reality Blurb

Cynthia Bailey's business neighbor is stirring up trouble on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The 'Cookie Lady' was summoned by Kenya Moore to tell her story about Tanya Sam's man.

Kenya and Tanya are now feuding because the hair care line owner feels that the tech mogul was trying to damage her brand by revealing that she wore a wig for a protective style.

Moore, Sam, Bailey, and Eva Marcille all met up for brunch. What the ladies didn't know was that Kenya was two steps ahead.

The cookie lady surprised the women with freshly baked cookies and proceeded to tell Tanya that Paul followed her to the bathroom when they were at a bar and also told her that he was single.

Tanya immediately shut her down because she confirmed that nothing came from it.

Viewers' opinions were split on whether or not Paul was in the wrong but there seemed to be one thing that most people agreed on: this cookie lady wants to be front and center on RHOA.

Nene Leakes, who didn't appear in the episode, chimed in to slam the 'mean girls' on the show.

She tweeted: 'There’s a lot of things that other people can do that i CAN NOT DO for some reason but if y’all can’t see that, the WHOLE table was a group of MEAN GIRLS EATING COOKIES....2 words, YOU BLIND.'


Marlo Hampton also had something to say about the conversation between Tanya and Kenya.

' So agressive, the finger pointing isn’t called for ... #rhoa @itsTanyaSam it’s crazy how people react when they are jealous of your happy, successful and comfy lifestyle.'

Tanya has already addressed the situation with her fiance who says that nothing happened between them.

What do you think about the cookie lady making her second appearance on the show?


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  • Barbara
    Barbara Feb 10, 2020 4:34 PM PST

    It a shame they Kenya brought the cookie lady to the table. You are not a person of class. You is so ashamed that you had that wig on , so what we all or some ladies May were a wig. Get over it. You Literally bought the attention to your self about the wig. You made it become important you compromise your self and your company and your business. Stop blaming everyone else for you sadness. Lady get It together you’re a mm now you should not be doing this please pray on your attitude. But I see you didn’t feel what you did to Marlo business by coming with a marching band really you should be a shame of yourself. SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️ you didn’t come for her you actually made a fool of yourself as a business woman a owner and a mom. You are really mean with no class.

  • Letrice
    Letrice Feb 10, 2020 8:58 AM PST

    It's so sad and pathetic that Kenya has stoop to the level of immaturity. It's a big difference from a wig to destroying somebodies happiness. Kenya is really reaching with saying Tanya will hurt her brand. Then be honest Kenya about your business period. Kenya as everybody can see is miserable. If she would put all this energy in her relationship and husband maybe she wouldn't be going through what she is going through. And it's sad to see all the other ladies jus sit there and say absolutely nothing. Using the c word towards anybody is disgusting and Kenya has shown her true colors by using that world. I jus wish somebody would call wrong is wrong and let that person no period, that is what a real friend and women would do. Remember Kenya u have a daughter.

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