RHOA: Tanya Sam Reveals Coronavirus Is Putting Her Baby Plans On Hold

RHOA: Tanya Sam Reveals Coronavirus Is Putting Her Baby Plans On Hold
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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Tanya Sam has touched on her struggle with having a baby on the show. The reality star recently revealed that the Coronavirus is putting a hold on her plans.

Although many medical facilities remain open, some specialists are unable to perform services dealing with fertility issues because elective procedures are deemed non-essential to prevent the crowding of hospitals.

Unfortunately, that is interrupting Tanya and Paul Judge's plans on welcoming a little one into the world -- although they have lots of time to try to naturally conceive these days.

She recently spoke to the Daily Dish about the issue.


'And so all essential services are essentially shut out. So, it’s so funny; I was talking to my doctor the other day and he was like, well, now’s the time. I was like, listen, we are like rabbits over here. Obviously like we need a little bit of a natural miracle to happen, which I always pray for. But then at the same time, I’m like, oh my gosh, we need to get back on this. Because it actually becomes a little bit harder because even during retrievals and stuff or putting an embryo back in is on hiatus right now.'

She is hoping for the best and understands what's going on is much bigger than their current desire to start a family.

'I understand that completely because we need all the healthcare services we can. So I just have to kind of wait and see, because this is throwing a wrench in my plans right now.'

This comes after she opened up at Porsha Williams' March of Dimes event.

Sam explained her struggles with fertility: 'I found my forever mate later in life, and I got the news that I didn't really have a lot of egg reserves so that's why it was so hard. I recently started talking about it and I find that there's a lot of strength in being able to say that to other women.'

Before their big fallout, Kenya Moore was giving Tanya advice and recalling her journey to have her beautiful baby girl Brooklyn Daly.

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