RHOA Star Nene Leakes Slaps Phone Out Of A Fan's Hand! (Video)

RHOA Star Nene Leakes Slaps Phone Out Of A Fan's Hand! (Video)
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Nene Leakes has had a violent video of herself go viral recently. A fan who saw her at the airport didn't get the warm greeting that he was hoping for.

In the clip posted to Twitter, a man sees the Real Housewives of Atlanta star walking through the airport as he records her and tells her: 'NeNe, how are you doing? Your No. 1 fan over there..'

The reality star, who was on the phone at the time, is seen slapping the fan's phone out of his hand as she walks by.

There were mixed reactions to her shocking response. On one hand, some people felt as though the man should not have recorded her and distracted her while she was on a phone call without her permission. On the other, there were those who felt that she was being rude to a supporter.

One social media user tweeted: 'I love Nene but would have total respect for anyone in her position, that’s the problem with fans & phones, no respect for others only their own gains.'


Another said: 'Isn’t she responsible for her bad behavior too tho? Her fans are what keeps her on TV and making money and living the good life.'

A Bravo fan account decided that enough was enough when they tweeted: 'I have made excuse after excuse for Nene, but I am done. She did not have to slap that phone out of his hand. Those fans made you. Self important b****. Time for another OG to go. Bye Edges # RHOA.'

While this non-fan came to her defense: 'Don't usually stick up for Nene's behaviour, but look how close this guy got up in her face. He literally pushes the phone right up to her. I would have smacked the phone out of his hand, then smacked him round the head. This was tame.'

This isn't the first time that her reaction to a fan went viral. In May, she was captured on video in a dispute with a fan who said she was rude to her friend.

Whose side are you on?

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