RHOA - Mike Hill Opens Up About Fatherhood, Shares His 'Dad Philosophy' About Raising Daughters With Cynthia Bailey

RHOA - Mike Hill Opens Up About Fatherhood, Shares His 'Dad Philosophy' About Raising Daughters With Cynthia Bailey
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Mike Hill, the fiance of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey , is the father of two daughters - Kayla and Ashlee - and he will soon be the stepdad of Bailey’s daughter, Noelle Robinson. Just ahead of Father’s Day, Hill talked about his “dad philosophy” with Bravo’s Daily Dish , and he opened up about some of the biggest things he has learned from being a dad.

Hill revealed that the best dad advice he ever got was from his own daughters. He said that Kayla and Ashlee once told him that “money and gifts are always great,” but the most important thing he can give his two girls is his time and attention.

“No one ever taught me how to be a ‘good’ dad,” explained Hill. “I had to learn on my own and at times I believed material things would suffice since I have such a busy schedule. However, thanks to them, I've learned that my time and attention is priceless to them. Now, they STILL want that other material stuff but they prefer my presence. And I'm happy to give it to them.”

Hill described his “dad philosophy” as being “friendly” but he is not his daughter’s friend. He says he is always there for them and they can have a good time. They can talk about anything, and he is “super liberal” when it comes to certain things. But, at the end of the day, he is still Dad and they know there is a line of respect that they can’t cross.

Hill admits that he is a softie, and that’s not always a good thing. He says his daughters know that he is a pushover when it comes to them. If they “act right,” Hill says his daughters get whatever they want. And, even though Bailey has his heart, his daughters are his heart.

Hill says that for the most part he is the easy parent, but when the switch gets turned on he is the “enforcer.” He explained that his daughters’ generation is so different from his, and he is still trying to figure them out. But, he makes sure to listen and try to understand their feelings.

Mike Hill says that he hopes one day his children will live in a society that is free from racism, sexism, or any kind of hate or prejudice. He wants his daughters to be given a fair and equal chance to be as successful as possible, while making the world a better place to live in.

Hill says his daughters are beautiful, smart young ladies, and he knows they will do their part. When it comes down to it, he is “super proud to be their dad.”


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