RHOA: Kenya Moore Says Marc Daly Is Always 'Kissing Nene's A**' (Video)

RHOA: Kenya Moore Says Marc Daly Is Always 'Kissing Nene's A**' (Video)
Credit: Source: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans have noticed and expressed their concerns over the dynamic between Marc Daly and Kenya Moore. Especially when it comes to being on the same page as for Kenya's distaste for Nene Leakes.

Kenya and Nene have been feuding since the Queen of Twirl made her way back to the show.

Marc, who has finally agreed to film RHOA, has been filming many scenes and thought of the ideas of couples bowling so he can meet all the ladies and their men in order to ask them to come to an important event that mentors male black youth.

Daly has made it clear that regardless of Moore's issues with Leakes, she and Gregg Leakes are invited to anything he is planning. It's clear to both fans and castmates that Marc does not let Kenya's beefs get in the way of his relationship with Nene and Gregg.


She was asked on the after show how she feels about Marc saying he has nothing against Nene and Kenya did not hold back.

'I had a [problem with the fact that he is always kissing Nene's a** from meeting her once or twice and she introduced Gregg to him so somehow that made him feel so good and so important that he is riding for her. I'm like 'But what about me? I'm your wife. You need to ride for me. If someone mistreats me they mistreat you -- we are a family. We're one. So I don't understand why if I'm constantly telling you this woman is evil to me, she's talked about our unborn child she has said and done nasty things -- why do you like her?'

Nene also commented on her friendship with Marc calling him a 'nice guy' from the outside but she's not sure how he operates in the relationship.


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