RHOA: Kenya Moore Insinuates Tanya Sam's Fiance Is Cheating!

RHOA: Kenya Moore Insinuates Tanya Sam's Fiance Is Cheating!
Credit: Source: Black Enterpirse

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Tanya Sam is engaged to Paul Judge who has also appeared on the show a few times. In a preview for an upcoming episode, Kenya Moore insinuates that Tanya's fiance is cheating on her.

During a sneak peek for next Sunday's installment, Kenya brings up a hypothetical situation at the table. She asks the ladies if they would want to know someone in the group's significant other was cheating.

After Kandi Burruss and Tanya both say that they'd want some proof, Moore brings up an oddly specific example.

'What if they didn’t hook up with them, they just basically said the person hit on them and they exchanged numbers?'

This triggers Cynthia Bailey who knows what her friend is referring to. The clip flashes back to a conversation that Kenya and Cynthia had with a woman who works at a cookie shop.

The mystery woman is seen saying: 'So you know your boy, uh, Paul? He kind of like, was all over me, just like, buying me drinks, telling me not to leave somewhere.'

Although the Queen of Twirls did ask Tanya if she would want to know, the supermodel felt that Moore was being shady.

Bailey said in confessional: 'This never had to go anywhere. Like, I know Kenya is shady, but even for Kenya, it’s like, girl!'

Followers in the comment section of blogs that have reposted the clip are split. Some feel that Kenya is trying to stir up trouble because her marriage is over while others feel that she is simply being a good friend by letting Tanya know what she heard about the man she is supposed to marry.

What do you think Kenya's motives are? Is this a case of her being shady or are her intentions pure at heart?


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