RHOA Episode Labeled With 'Explicit' Signs: Kandi Burruss Hosts The Raciest Party Ever - Some Fans Call Her 'Disgusting' And Stop Watching RHOA

RHOA Episode Labeled With 'Explicit' Signs: Kandi Burruss Hosts The Raciest Party Ever - Some Fans Call Her 'Disgusting' And Stop Watching RHOA
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In the latest RHOA episode, the focus was mostly on NeNe Leakes' previous hysterical reaction when she ripped off a cameraman's shirt. But it ended with a risque escape from all this stress with Kandi Burruss who managed to pull off her sexy show called Welcome to the Dungeon .

As you probably know by now, there were so many racy outfits that the episode had to put up repeatedly 'Explicit' signs in order to hide the action, as The Daily Mail itself noted.

'You might be the cause of some babies being made tonight,' Kandi's hubby, Todd Tucker joked of the show she said 1,400 people attended.

The show is definitely one of the kinkiest and if you want to get a chance to attend made sure to follow Kandi's Instagram advice:

'Tune in to #RHOA now to see how this pic happened at my #WelcomeToTheDungeon party! & Go to WelcomeToTheDungeon.com to see what cities I’ll be bringing the dungeon tour to! 😜 Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning! Spread The Word!' Kandi told fans on Instagram yesterday.

A lot of fans gushed over the performance, but there were also a lot of people who blasted the heck out of the RHOA star.

Someone said 'Wow Kandi ur kids must be so proud of you!! Disgusting!! took it way to far! Me and my friends r totally over ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES!! Show has stooped to the lowest of the lowest!! Used to love you, now totally disgusted by you!! What got me the most was you "praying to God before you sex show" real classy !!!'

Another follower posted 'This is a shame. What's wrong with ppl every we're u look. Women on top of women men on top of men what's really going on Lord I am scared for our kids.'

One other person had a different opinion and wrote 'I’m so tired of all you wannabe self-righteous, fake religious people in these comments trying to judge somebody...y’all sound so ignorant...smh.'

Kandi announced the tour dates:

'Well I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak of my #WelcomeToTheDungeon party that they showed on tonight’s #RHOA episode! The tickets for the tour go on sale tomorrow morning! Go to WelcomeToTheDungeon.com to purchase. They will sell out fast so don’t wait! 😜' she captioned her announcement.

What about you? How do you feel about Kandi's racy show?


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  • Raylene Oates
    Raylene Oates Mar 11, 2019 1:40 PM PDT

    My Bitch, in the most respectful way.. I love you Kandi... Stunt on their assess. Wish I was there u would have joined. Thanks for the Haters. Total time for black women to Rose and overcome. She is married her husband happy get kids happy and the Haters families are what?? People should stay in there own freaking Lane in me. Can't wait to meet you Kandi big ups my sister, keep moving forward love you

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