'RHOA' Alum Claudia Jordan Comments On Bravo Drama: "It's Not Nene's Show!"

'RHOA' Alum Claudia Jordan Comments On Bravo Drama: "It's Not Nene's Show!"
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Claudia Jordan only spent one season on the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' but she made a lasting impression. The former 'Deal or No Deal' model recently let her thoughts be known on the upcoming season of the Bravo hit.

On 'The Morning Rush' radio show, Jordan opened up about fans wanting her to return to the show due to Nene Leakes' recent behavior. If you aren't familiar with the past seasons of the series, Claudia went head-to-head with Nene in an argument that viewers quote to this very day.

Claudia has been keeping up on the rumors that claim Phaedra Parks will be making her way back to the show. Jordan is siding with Kandi Burruss who has said multiple times if Phaedra returns, she will not film with her.

Many people feel that Phaedra's return is due to Nene, who is the self-proclaimed queen of 'RHOA.' However, Claudia disagrees.

"Kandi is coming up on ten seasons. She's been on every one except the first season. So Nene's always like 'I'm the queen. It'snot Nene's show. She didn't start the show. She started with the show as a cast member let's be very clear. I think it kinda sounds like she's implying she created a show. She's one of the originals on the show when they were starting off. But then Kandi came on second season."

The reality star opened up last year on why she chose not to return to the series.

"They expected me to be ok with coming back for a friend contract after that season I thought I deserved a full on peach so I took my Azz back to Cali to focus on acting and the talk show thing. Plus my guy at the time- we didn’t think it was a good idea to have him on and have our budding relationship torn apart and THANK God that happened cause I woulda been embarrassed nationally by the shenanigans that eventually ended up happening! #DodgedABullet."

What do you think about Claudia's comments?


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  • Runandtell this
    Runandtell this May 6, 2019 4:41 AM PDT

    It is her show. She get paid more than any of them. Claude looked like a fool the season she was on cause she just kept coming for Nene and the line I remember most about that season is her she had left her body? That is saying it nice. Phaedra need to come back don’t nobody care about Kandi and her little circle of mean people.

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