Reza Farahan Addresses His 'Ten Abortions' Insult Towards MJ -- Reveals If He Goes To Bathhouses With Husband

Reza Farahan Addresses His 'Ten Abortions' Insult Towards MJ -- Reveals If He Goes To Bathhouses With Husband
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Reza Farahan and Mercedes Javid went from friends of an unbreakable bond to being at each other's necks. In the heat of a serious argument, Reza said some things that shocked both his co-stars and viewers.

After being accused of goading on Destiney to get Ali to say that Reza's husband Adam was cheating on him and sending sexually explicit messages, MJ insisted that she had nothing to do with the plot.

In a cringe-worthy confrontation where MJ threw water in Reza's face, he shouted that her uterus exploded from 'having ten abortions.'

The insult was widely critiqued by Shahs of Sunset audiences as one of the worst things he's ever said.

Farahan recently caught up with the #nofilter with Zack Peter podcast where he addresses whether or not he regrets what he did.

'Obviously, I wish I had never said that. I wish that I had never gone. I wish Nema had never told her to come to that party. Or if he did, I wish he would have given me a heads up so that I wouldn't have shown up. I was there with so much anger and rage, resentment, and betrayal that I acted very, very, very foolishly.'


He also went on to say that audiences didn't see Nema and Mike convincing him to stay and cancel his uber before they had the nasty argument where Mercedes told the married couple to continue going to bathhouses with each other -- something he also denies.

'First of all, anyone that knows me, I'm like a germaphobe. I, going to a bathhouse, I don't even know where bathhouses are, and sweetie, I'm on TV. What f--king bathhouse am I going to? That's one. And two, cheating on each other left and right, great, if that's what she thinks, no problem, but that's not the reality in my home. So, it is what it is.'

Although time has gone by since filming, the former besties still haven't made up.

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