Revisiting The Joe Rogan And Kanye West Podcast - Joe Presses Kanye On The Military And Foreign Policy

Revisiting The Joe Rogan And Kanye West Podcast - Joe Presses Kanye On The Military And Foreign Policy
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This past weekend, Kanye West finally stopped by the set of The Joe Rogan Experience where the two celebrities discussed many subjects, including the rapper's intention to win the presidential seat amid this year's election.

Ever since the podcast aired - which has since garnered millions of views - social media has been picking sections apart for analysis and commentary, Hot New Hip Hop reported today. One of the issues that social media has had fun with thus far is Kanye's views toward foreign policy.

For instance, the podcaster asked Kanye West how he would deal with hostile foreign governments, and the outlet alleged that West was left stumped. Joe then went on to claim that throughout history, nations have had to deal with other countries, including authoritarian dictatorships.

West took a moment to collect his thoughts, but then said he would hire the "greatest professionals on the planet," and the people with the most skills and the most information. The rapper claims he would make decisions based on their briefings.

Kanye claims he would "follow God's will" in his approach to handling other countries, "these other leaders," the rapper added. Furthermore, Kanye pointed out the fact Donald Trump was able to sit down with Kim Jong-Un for a conversation, which is something that has never been done before.

Kanye continued in the same vein, claiming that he would defer to the professionals and use "God's will" as a guiding light when making decisions, while at the same time respecting the personality and interests of opposing leaders.

As it was previously reported, Kanye finally appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience this weekend after months of postponements. For the longest time, fans wondered if West would ever make it on the podcast but he finally did.


This all comes after the news that Kanye was going to run for the 2020 presidency, which he wound up actually doing. However, as most know, West has reportedly only appeared on the ballot of 12 different states across the union. Additionally, he has been accused of starting a campaign to help defeat Joe Biden.

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