Reports Indicate That Legendary Soul Singer Aretha Franklin Had $1 Million In Checks Uncashed At Time Of Death

Reports Indicate That Legendary Soul Singer Aretha Franklin Had $1 Million In Checks Uncashed At Time Of Death
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According to a report from Fox News, Aretha Franklin was sitting on approximately $1,000,000 worth of checks when she, unfortunately, passed away last year. Obtained by the aforementioned outlet, court documents claim, after a search through her estate, that she had several checks within her possession.

One check from the Sound Exchange and the Screen Writers Guild was written for a total of $702,711.90, while other ones came from EMI, BMI, Carlin Music, Feel Good Films, as well as Springtime Publishing, for $285,944.27.

Reported first by Billboard, the grand total came to nearly $1 million. In terms of how her estate has been divided, it'll be split equally between her four boys, however, there were three handwritten wills discovered in her couch. Billboard and Jezebel reported the news.

Coincidentally, Aretha began forgetting to cash her checks as the years went on, including some from 2012, which had to be subsequently rewritten in 2016. Kecalf Cunningham, one of her sons, has got in touch with one of the banks regarding payments.

Last year, Aretha Franklin's family allegedly became upset at the eulogy delivered at Franklin's memorial. Supposedly, close family members to the iconic soul singer found it both "offensive" and "distasteful." Williams was taken to task for claiming that a child without its dad is like an "abortion after birth."

Moreover, Aretha's nephew, Vaughn Franklin, took part in some of the social media vitriol, claiming that the speaker had a 50-minute speech and at no point in it did he give Aretha a proper eulogy.

According to a report from Ashley Mitchell on Celebrity Insider last year in September, her family was primarily upset for their family name's association with the sermon.

Fans of Aretha Franklin know that she's one of the most iconic singers of all time. She first began her career at the age of 18, but after signing with Atlantic Records in 1966, her career went on to flourish with several hit singles, including "Respect," "I Say A Little Prayer," as well as (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman."

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