Reports Indicate That Kanye West Considered Calling His 2018 Album Hitler

Reports Indicate That Kanye West Considered Calling His 2018 Album Hitler
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According to rumors, Kanye West looked forward to Adolf Hitler so much that he considered naming his album after the notorious world dictator in 2018.

On Thursday, four independent sources revealed to CNN that the rapper, who is 45 years old, had proposed that his eighth studio album be titled Hitler before he ultimately decided to alter it to Ye.

The representatives of West and Universal Music Group, the record company he is signed to, have yet to respond to Page Six's inquiries for clarification.

A former business associate of the Yeezy CEO has told CNN that the father of four frequently discussed reading Mein Kampf, the autobiographical autobiography the Nazi Party leader authored in 1925.

According to one of his former coworkers, when he was praising Hitler, he would talk about all of the beautiful things that Hitler and the Nazi Party had accomplished for the German people, and he would add how incredible it was that Hitler was able to amass so much power.

The supposed closeness between West and the Fuhrer has been brought to light; this is not the first time it has happened. Previously this month, a former journalist for TMZ made the allegation that the rapper All Falls Down supported Hitler and the Nazis during a rage at the premises of the news outlet.

Van Lathan said on his Higher Learning podcast that he was shocked by West's anti-Semitic statements on Instagram: I mean, I was astounded because that kind of anti-Semitic trash is awful, but in terms of him, I understood that was in him because when he appeared to TMZ, he said that things and they cut it out of the interview.

In the past several weeks, West has received a great deal of backlash for the racist comments he made toward Jewish people; nonetheless, he has steadfastly refused to retract his statements, despite the financial fallout that has resulted from them.

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