Reports Claim Rapper Chynna Rogers Died From Drug Overdose

Reports Claim Rapper Chynna Rogers Died From Drug Overdose
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It was reported by multiple outlets that the rapper, Chynna Rogers, suddenly passed away two days ago at the age of 25 . At the time, the cause of her death wasn't revealed. Page Six discovered today that the rising star succumbed to an accidental overdose.

In the early hours of Friday morning, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health explained in a statement that she died from an overdose. Authorities discovered her at her home on Wednesday night.

While the cause of death was never stated initially, fans suspected it may have been drug-related. In the past, Rogers has been very honest about her struggle with substance abuse including on her 2016 mixtape, Ninety.

During a conversation with Vibe in 2018, she claimed she didn't want to be a "statistic," and didn't want to glamorize drugs either. The reason for her candidness regarding substance abuse, the young rapper claimed, was that she wanted to show others that someone else was dealing with drugs too.

Following news of her death, many of her contemporaries shouted out to her on Instagram and Twitter, including bandmates from A$AP Mob. A$AP Rocky paid tribute to Rogers, as did Kehlani, and Lil Debbie.

Roger's career first started when she was discovered at the age of 14-years-old at an amusement park. A$AP Rocky later invited her to come join their hip-hop group after chatting on Twitter.

Putting her origin story aside, the hip-hop world has seen the loss of several of its stars in the last few years, including Lexii Alija, who also passed away from a drug overdose. She died on the first day of 2020 at age 21. Mac Miller, who dated Ariana Grande before she broke it off and moved on to Pete Davidson, passed away in September 2018.

Many experts have wondered how economic shutdown would affect the opiate crisis. Americans know that the government shut down nearly all non-essential services to help thwart the spread of COVID-19, however, with people out of work, they're more at risk of substance abuse.

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