Renée Zellweger Was Saddened By The Plastic Surgery Rumors

Renée Zellweger Was Saddened By The Plastic Surgery Rumors
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According to a report from E! Online, Renée Zellweger finally addressed those deleterious headlines from the past regarding her supposed plastic surgery procedures. The Academy Award winner, who's currently promoting her new film about Judy Garland, Judy , is reflecting about her life and career as well what it's like to be in and out of the media limelight.

Reportedly, for approximately 6 years, from 2010 until 2016, Zellweger chose to take some time off from Hollywood for the sake of her personal health and wellbeing. The 50-year-old actress, speaking with reporters from New York Magazine, stated that she wasn't "taking care" of herself.

Her therapist told her she was spending far too much of her time catering to her public persona, rather than the genuine person beneath the Hollywood image.

"I wanted to allow for some accidents," the Me, Myself, and Irene alum added. There had to be some "quiet" moments for ideas to manifest themselves.

Things became heated for Renée when in 2014, she appeared on the red carpet for the first time in years, sparking plastic surgery rumors as a consequence. Reflecting on the public's reaction to her perceived inadequacies, Renée said, "I don't look at beauty in that way," and the public's reaction made her feel sad.

According to Zellweger, she doesn't want to be another person, because she likes the person who she is, including all of those quirky personality traits. However, the way she was "humiliated" by the world for her supposed plastic surgery operations forced her to reevaluate where she was in her life.

"There's nothing like international humiliation to set your perspective right!" the actress remarked. Renée said to journalists from New York Magazine that artists are frequently criticized for their art, but also for their personal lives, so there comes a point when an entertainer has to ask when it's simply too much?

Zellweger can take comfort in her personal life, however. In terms of how her loved ones look at her, Renee said those closest to her describe her as having a "peaceful" and "healthy" appearence.

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