Renee Baio Opens Up About Her Childhood Sexual Abuse As She Continues To Defend Scott Baio From Nicole Eggert's Allegations

Renee Baio Opens Up About Her Childhood Sexual Abuse As She Continues To Defend Scott Baio From Nicole Eggert's Allegations
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Renee Baio has been opening up about her life, her marriage, and how the allegations made by Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky against her husband, Scott Baio have impacted life as she knows it. In a four-part series for the site Middle of a Love Story, Renee has been blunt and candid and revealed that she believes Nicole falsely made sexual assault allegations against her husband for money. She emphatically announced that Nicole would never get one dime from them and in the newest video of the series, she revealed that she experienced childhood sexual abuse between the ages of six and thirteen at the hands of not one, but two perpetrators.

Because of her own experience with sexual abuse, she feels that Nicole Eggert simply hasn't behaved the way a victim of sexual assault behaves.

Scott and Renee have endured trying times, but their love has been put to the test and stands strong. Renee believes her husband 100 percent and Scott derives strength from his wife's unwavering support. As Scott continues to show his evidence that he and his digital strategist Brian Glicklich say poke so many holes in Nicole's and Alex's story that it completely falls apart, Renee has been sharing about the emotional toll the allegations have had on the family.

You may see the interview that Renee granted to Kariz Tanya Favis in the video player below.

Renee pointed out that as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she was and is disgusted by her perpetrators. During the interview, she argued that Nicole has made public, favorable statements about Scott Baio in the past (including an interview with The Dirty where Nicole said she wanted Scott Baio to take her virginity) and had stated she would love to work with Scott Baio again. Nicole doesn't stand by those statements now and hasn't addressed any of the video interviews Renee did with the Middle of a Love Story.

Scott Baio shared Nicole's interview from The Dirty with Nik Richie. You may see that below.

Here is a video of the press conference that Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky held with their attorney Lisa Bloom on Feb. 14, 2018, where they made their allegations of sexual and emotional abuse against Scott Baio public.

Brian Glicklich has written an article that is on where he presents Scott Baio's defense and shows their evidence that is the culmination of a two-year investigation.

You may read that article below.

Since Scott Baio, Renee Baio, and Brian Glicklich began speaking out in July 2020 and presenting their defense, Willie Aames deleted his Instagram account, Nicole Eggert put her Twitter account on private, and Alex Polinsky has chosen not to publicly address the claims.

It is unclear at this point if they are planning to make a public statement.

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