Remy Ma Shares New Photo Without Makeup Accompanied By Papoose And The Golden Child -- Here Is Why The Baby Stole The Show

Remy Ma Shares New Photo Without Makeup Accompanied By Papoose And The Golden Child -- Here Is Why The Baby Stole The Show
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Femcee Remy Ma, without makeup, took her baby girl to her first doctor's appointment accompanied by husband Papoose who was smiling from ear to ear.

However, what captivated fans was the fact that the Golden Child was already wearing a mink fur coat at barely one-month-old.

Remy Ma, who looked like a teenager, recently revealed that like many new mothers she is struggling with breastfeeding, and thousands of women came to her aid.

One mom shared this tip: "Remy your so beautiful I love your natural face you have a beautiful glow to your face, and I love how happy your husband is his smile is everything much love and blessings sent your way. You guys look like teenagers! That's CRAZY! You are beautiful naturally. Congratulations. As a mom of 10 (11 in a couple of days) don't stress about tricks and tips, your body produces what baby needs. Enjoy. 😘"

A second person explained: "I had the same problem, and my mom gave me a beer. I drank half of it, but my milk started producing within hours. She was in the NICU for two weeks, so was desperate. Also if you eat more and continuously drink water that should also help. FYI: there are non-alcoholic beers. I don’t want you to think I was turning up. If all else fails, there are great lactation consultants or nurses that visit patients homes and help as well. Congratulations again."

A third comment read: "Thank you, Lord, for blessing @remyma & @papoosepapoose with Golden Child. I pray that @remyma receives the rest & balance she needs to continue to be a Great Mom, Great Wife, Great Friend & Great People. Lord, continue to guide their footsteps & put a band of angels around them."

Another helpful message stated: "There a group on Facebook called breastfeeding support group for black moms. A bunch of moms on there, Lactation consultant, other women giving advice, etc. helping each other with what we don't know about breastfeeding. They helped me, and my son is 7months and still breastfeeding. Don't give up your journey. It's very hard in the beginning .. great luck and blessings."

Remy Ma has yet to reveal the name of her baby girl.

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