Remy Ma Says She's Over The 'Corny' Fake Feud Between Nicki Minaj And Cardi B!

Remy Ma Says She's Over The 'Corny' Fake Feud Between Nicki Minaj And Cardi B!

It seems like Remy Ma is over the bad blood between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and she made sure to tell the world what she thinks! Remy slammed the whole thing she called a ‘corny’ and fake mess!

During yesterday’s episode of Revolt TV’s State of The Culture, Remy Ma looked exasperated as she talked about the whole feud between the female emcees.

‘Bruh, I be like this. I am different. I am not going to keep arguing with somebody. I do not want to hear this. I do not want to hear anything more. I think the part that makes it the corniest after everything for fifteen hours, and then they are both like ‘okay! Let’s be friends now.’’

She added that: ‘I’m over it. Scottie [Beam] is over it, Joe [Budden], you know your a** is over it, too.’

Even Joe who admitted that he was excited to see some more rap beef initially, said that he was ‘over it, because they are both fronting that they are over it, so we just have to support women being over it.’

Remy jumped in to say that ‘we have to act like we’re over it too.’

As you know, during an episode of Queen Radio, Nicki reignited the feud by revealing that Love and Hip-Hop: New York star Rah Ali was the one to give Cardi that ugly bump on her brow bone at NYFW.

‘You went home and told people that security hit you and we just let that ride for legal reasons… Anyone who says that did no happen. I would never come here and lie,’ Minaj stated.

One of Rah’s threatening messages to Cardi’s sister Hennessy Carolina seemed to confirm Nicki’s claim.

In response, Cardi took to social media to fire back at her nemesis: ‘How you say that I got ragged by Rah Ali when there's so much footage of that night, every single angle, so where am I getting ragged at? You lie so much that you can’t even f***ing keep up with your f***ing lies.’

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