Remy Ma Says People Who Don't Wear Masks Are Probably 'Dirty' And 'Don't Wear Condoms'

Remy Ma Says People Who Don't Wear Masks Are Probably 'Dirty' And 'Don't Wear Condoms'
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Hot New Hip Hop reported on a social media post from the rapper, Remy Ma , this week in which she put non-mask wearers on blast for purportedly endangering everyone else. Currently, the legendary MC is awaiting the arrival of her second child, and clearly, she's more concerned than ever for the wellbeing of others.

As most know, the government has offered guidelines to many establishments in an attempt to thwart the spread of COVID-19, however, not everyone is heeding them. It's clear many individuals in the United States simply don't believe it's necessary to cover one's face.

While there are people out there who believe wearing a mask is an infringement on their rights, Remy Ma is just one expectant mother who is concerned for the health of her child.

Put simply, she doesn't buy the idea that one person should have the right to endanger another. On her Instagram Story, Remy Ma directly criticized all those who refuse to wear a mask.

The rapper told the world that when she sees people without masks, she thinks of them as "dirty," as if they're the type of people who don't even "wear condoms." Many social media users understood her remarks as a joke, but others as an insult.

Remy Ma, of course, isn't the only celebrity who thinks a lot of harm-reduction could occur if the American public widely chose to wear masks. For instance, earlier this year, the first celebrity to reveal his COVID-19-positive diagnosis, Tom Hanks , asked why some people refuse to wear masks.

During an interview, Tom explained how the solution to the problem was so simple, but many are refusing to do what it takes to save the lives of others. Hanks claimed all one had to do was wash one's hands, social distance, and wear a mask.

As it was just noted, Tom and his wife, Rita, were among the first celebrities to reveal they had contracted COVID-19 when lockdowns were first starting in March of this year. Tom and his wife were filming a movie down in Australia when reports of coronavirus' spread first started.

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