Remy Ma Removes Her Makeup And Shows Off Her Natural Hair In New Video -- Fans Of Papoose's Wife Have A Lot Of Questions

Remy Ma Removes Her Makeup And Shows Off Her Natural Hair In New Video -- Fans Of Papoose's Wife Have A Lot Of Questions
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Femcee Remy Ma has her fans asking many questions after she shared an adorable video where she is flaunting her natural hair with no makeup on -- they went to know how she is able to look so young and flawless.

Papoose's wife took to social media over the weekend, and she decided to show off her natural beauty and slim figure.

In the clip, the famous rapper from New York is laid back in a simple T-shirt and a pair of shorts. The TV personality ran her hand in her bouncy hair as she laughed with a friend.

Supporters praised Remy Ma for bouncing back after the birth of The Golden Child. Others said she certainly does not need to wear makeup because she looks like a teenager au naturel.

One fan said this: "Look better. Makeup does u no justice. It covers up your natural beauty...She needs to have a skincare line because her skin is FLAWLESS."

Another backer explained: "No makeup needed! Pretty Remy😍😍😍Remy looks better without makeup. Now that’s beauty!!! #prettypretty. Pretty Remy Remy pretty regardless it’s accurate. That natural beauty- ness is everything... I smell 👃🏾 some heat cooking in the studio Rem!!! 😈🙌🏾it’s boutaaaa go down."

This fan stated: "What work was done ?? She lost weight the natural and healthy way....and looks fabulous with or without makeup! Natural beauty. She looks super young without makeup. Black don't crack."

Recently Remy shared this positive message with her fans explaining how her arrest in making life not too easy: "Supposed to be at Essence Fest in New Orleans but the powers that be at parole won’t let me be great (or make money🙄) sooo I’ve been counting down the days and handling a lot of personal stuff that usually gets pushed to the back burner. Anywho...anyone that KNOWS me knows that when I’m not working, it’s no makeup/ regular clothes Rem. So I’m walking to the car coming from the dentist, and my husband says “Babe, wait for stop,” and of course I’m maddd extra like “ Whattttttt babe🙄” and he says “Nothing, I wanna take your picture. You look pretty,”...😳...Caught me off guard and that’s just ONE of the MANY reasons."

Do you think Remy Ma can finally put all of the dram behind her for good?

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