Remy Ma Makes Eye-Popping Comments About Snitching And Tekashi 6ix9ine In New Video

Remy Ma Makes Eye-Popping Comments About Snitching And Tekashi 6ix9ine In New Video
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Remy Ma has a thing or two on her mind regarding snitching and the whole discussion about it that has been going around recently.

While the talks about Tekashi 6ix9ine have mostly died down, for now, many people have taken to actively discuss the implications of being a bit too open with the authorities.

Remy has been eager to talk about that herself, bringing up the topic multiple times on State of the Culture.

Last week's episode was no exception, but this time Remy wanted to make it clear that she had a very specific view on snitching and she started by defining the term properly.

This was in relation to the backlash she received over her attitude towards Tekashi 6ix9ine and his overall situation.

However, while many expected a more profound, in-depth discussion on the implications of snitching, Remy instead just explained the basic definition of the word, with some simple examples that were likely not too far off from what most people believed about the act.

Papoose's wife said: "People do not understand the definition of the word snitch. When you are involved in illegal activities and when you get caught, in exchange for lesser time and-or your freedom or anything less than what you wouldn't already then decide to give them information and the names of other people that you know that are committing crimes—the same as you, with you, or without you. Because sometimes people snitch on people that have nothing to do with them. 'Oh, yeah, you caught me? I know about so-and-so. Will that help me?' That's snitching."

In the end, her comments left some scratching their heads, as it was not clear what exactly she was trying to get at.

One commenter argued: "Sending bad peoples to jail shouldn’t be snitching it’s justice. No honor among thieves. Is whistleblowing snitching too?"

A second person added: "This!! My elementary school students yell snitch and snitching all day long. I sit there like, ummmm no. You don’t like her so you decided to slap her and she told. That’s not snitching sis!"

At the same time, the situation around Tekashi 6ix9ine continues to be a highly controversial one, with many of the rapper's fans defending him, while others are claiming that he has destroyed his whole career by deciding to cooperate with the authorities.

In any case, Tekashi has been going through his own deal of problems for the time being.

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