Remy Ma Leaves Nothing To Papoose's Imagination With This Video -- She Says Her Killer Figure Had The Best Of Him In Sheer Dress

Remy Ma Leaves Nothing To Papoose's Imagination With This Video -- She Says Her Killer Figure Had The Best Of Him In Sheer Dress
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MC Remy Ma has decided to seriously turn up the heat in her new music video with husband Papoose.

The new mother, who is winning the snap-back game, opted to wear a sheer dress where she revealed it all as she rapped and danced behind her man.

Remy also penned a sweet message to the rapper that read: "I love my man; I need my man
He told me ain’t nobody more important than I am
Nah I don’t really think that people understand
See, if he got beef then I go ham
He don’t smile & he don’t dance
Ain’t into chains & I.G
Just kilos & grams
But he post all my pics, you see it fam
Got all these chicks straight screaming on they man
Like “Look at Pap with Rem, and she was in the can”
And he held me down, your man don’t even hold your hand
Damn, y’all hoes ain’t got no chance
It’s not that I’m always right but “do wrong”- in his eyes- I can’t
We role play. I be stripping and he throws me bands
I’m his personal groupie; he don’t really need no fans
I walk around the crib all day, no bra no pants & oui-oui (wee-wee) stay on my lips like we in France ©️©️#RemAndPap #BlackLove #CC LINK IN BIO #MeetTheMackies @iamjenniferle boots."

Papoose responded by: "The real always f*cked with me."

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One fan told the power couple: "The realest couple in mainstream media hands up and down 🙌🏾💕Video was tough. I liked when Pap was spitting his verse Remy was in the background instigating. Gave me 2pac Hit'em Up vibes. Real love god blessed and protect your family beautiful soul."

Another supporter claimed: "This is 🔥asf, and mad hard asf too. Yall definitely killed that, and keep on doin yall thang. I love the both of yall. Make a song about Brooklyn meets Bronx a love story."

This social media user unveiled: "Man yall really setting a great foundation I always admired you pap for holding rem down while she was in the pen keep shinning together god is watching and walking with you both. 💯💯🙏🙏"

This follower stated: "That's so dope how you guys waited to give us something as spectacular as there's you two together showing how strong that black love really is supposed to be, through thick and thin. With all the haters that's been trying to bring you down lately it's very inspiring how use kept moving forward and focusing on going All The Way Up🔝🌏⛽All Gas No Break!!♥️♦️"

Remy and her husband are as close as ever.

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