Remy Ma Has Picked A Beautiful Name For Her Baby Girl And It Is Not Golden Child

Remy Ma Has Picked A Beautiful Name For Her Baby Girl And It Is Not Golden Child
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A grateful Remy Ma has returned to social media three days after giving birth to her baby girl to thank her husband, Papoose, for her $94,000 push present.

The New York femcee also explained that her infant daughter will not be named Golden Child.

The power couple has selected a wonderful name for their first child together, and they plan to unveil it along with a stunning photo shoot.

The new mother also took the opportunity to wish her spouse a happy 10th wedding anniversary.

Remy wrote: "Thank you for my “Push Present” Husband @papoosepapoose ??? I’ve been so happy with the baby that I forgot all about such materialistic things.??‍♀️We been married for 10 years but today is the day we FINALLY had our wedding. Such a special day that we have to acknowledge it? (3 years ago)- we call it our “TV Wedding Anniversary” ? BUT Now it’s an even MORE special day; it was originally my Due Date, however, after getting induced on Friday & having to stay in the hospital an extra day due to complications, today we got to FINALLY bring home “The Golden Child” ( the name is sticking- they calling her “GC”??‍♀️...will reveal her REAL beautiful name with maternity pics soon though) I’m truly blessed?? Sidebar: I’m really hyped about the cooler to store the baby’s milk though ? This breastfeeding thing is SERIOUS ?#BlackLove #MeetTheMackies #RemyMa #RemAndPap #TheGoldenChild."

One fan told the femcee: "Congratulations I am so Happy for you Both and that Lucky Golden Child to have 2 Beautiful Parents such as you too. You are such a Blessing to Others. Such a Fan? of Your Black Love and The Togetherness of Your Union because you guys are on one accord and its great to see Real Genuine Love.?????????."

Another commenter stated: "Such a Fan. Remy Ma I wish I had a sister like you to talk to since I have all Brothers. ??Congratulations on your Bundle of Joy! I Bet she is Beautiful.?"

What do you think Remy Ma has picked as a name for her daughter? Do you believe it has a link to New York or music?

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