Remy Ma Claims Her L&HH Co-Star Has Been Harassing Her Daughter

Remy Ma Claims Her L&HH Co-Star Has Been Harassing Her Daughter
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According to a report from Page Six, the rapper, Remy Ma, sat in a court of law in Manhattan this past Friday and explained that one of her Love and Hip-Hop co-stars has been continuously harassing her daughter.

Dawn Florio, who works as the Bronx rapper's attorney, said to the Manhattan Criminal Court that she will show screenshots of messages to prove the accused's guilt. Apparently, Brittney Taylor has been texting and harassing Ma's daughter on social media as well as through SMS.

Florio said to reporters outside of the courtroom that Taylor "has actively been calling client's daughter as well as tagging her on social media." The rapper doesn't want Brittney to bother her child any longer, and thus, the incident has led to this court battle.

Remy Ma, whose real name is Reminisce Smith, has her stepdaughter named Dejanae Mackie, who is the daughter of the rapper, Papoose.  As followers of Remy know, Ma is no stranger to controversy in the court system, as well as on social media, especially with other rappers.

Rumor has it on social media that Nicki Minaj has been using her power in the entertainment industry, notably in the music scene, to thwart other artists from working with Remy Ma. This news came to prominence again when Nicki and Cardi B's feud came to a conclusion at New York Fashion Week last year.

It was at Harper Bazaar's party in which Cardi B allegedly threw a shoe at the "Barbie Tingz" rapper. Later on, TMZ captured photos of the rapper in which she had a lump on her forehead, which some people believe was a result of the scuffle with security guards.

Afterward, Nicki took to her Queen Radio podcast to explain the incident, stating that she was mortified by the incident, and completely humiliated, especially considering the prestigiousness of the event. Since then, however, Cardi B and Nicki's feud has left the headlines.

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  • Nikki B
    Nikki B Jul 14, 2019 6:18 AM PDT

    Remy u really need to grow up if u can’t help da situation leave it alone U over reacted ur da oldest act it ugh

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