Reginae Carter's Recent Instagram Post Has Fans Believing She Broke Up With YFN Lucci - See It Here

Reginae Carter's Recent Instagram Post Has Fans Believing She Broke Up With YFN Lucci - See It Here
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Yesterday, Toya Wright's daughter, Reginae Carter, sparked breakup rumors with something that she posted on Instagram. She has fan believing that she and YFN Lucci are over. Check out her post captured by The Shade Room.

Someone believes that Lucci does not want Nae anymore: 'WOW 😮 well you can literally tell that he’s tired of her he wanna grown woman that understands and mature because her mindset is on a 17yr old level only difference is her age what makes her grown, but her mindset isn’t she looks annoying, she have always followed him around sis just go find a guy your age end of story let it GO it done run it course 👏'

Another commenter wrote 'that’s how I see it she flew to California while he was doing a music video he was down there for like a week and he was really ready for her to go you could see it in his demeanor and attitude but she didn’t wanna leave she was acting like a little girl that’s obsessed with her boyfriend like she was supposed to leave and go to her friends party but she was trying to beg her friend to fly out to California so she could still be around Lucci and he was telling her not to but he literally didn’t want her there.'

Someone else posted that 'her mindset is on a 16yr old level smh and all her friends or corny young acting to this man really don’t want her it shows.'

One person said 'he doesn’t want her 🤷🏿‍♀️, but she refuses to go her mom like he got money 💰 so secure your bag sad but true, when your dad money did stop but you gotta have another plan and this it 💯'

A commenter said that 'It better be over...didn't trust a man with all those baby muvas everywhere!!!! You're too young!!! And have the whole world in front of you....why are these kids dating this kind of men!!!!'

Nae's fans have recently shown that they don't like the way in which she's acting when Lucci is around , and they are displeased with their relationship.

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