Reginae Carter's Latest Photo Sparks YFN Lucci Breakup Rumors - Some Fans Consider Her Arrogant

Reginae Carter's Latest Photo Sparks YFN Lucci Breakup Rumors - Some Fans Consider Her Arrogant
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Reginae Carter posted a photo of herself in which she's showing off her toned legs, but the way in which she captioned the photo has fans believing that she and YFN Lucci broke up. Here's the pic along with the caption.

'One of a kind, I can’t be replaced ?' Reginae captioned her photo.

Someone slammed her and said 'You're such an arrogant, spoiled brat, anyone can be replaced, so you know!'

Another follower believes she and Lucci broke up and defended the rapper: 'Dam All that Subliminal Slickness.... Call Da Nigga @yfnlucci everybody make mistakes that's why they Put Erasers on Pencils ✏..... U Messing With an Entertainer Baby What did U expect.... Homes think He 2pac & U think A nigga Could Love U that Don't really know Who he is? WHO dat? I'm Just saying Either Call Him y'all Grow together & try to find each other & a deeper meaning of Love Or Let Dat Sh*t Go cause U thinkin U can't be replaced Will Have U in 2nd Place.... ??????'

One of Nae's followers had a question: 'So the nigga had a baby on you or was she pregnant before y’all hook up an are you gone be a real bitch and rock wit yo nigga or you gonna let it all get to you just asking.'

Someone else criticized her posture and said 'You gotta practice making your neck not look invisible. It be lookin like you don’t have a neck in most pics.'

Another person told her '@colormenae if she did this I would like you to inform her that I can see the whole line of lace across your forehead but nice photo. ?'

Reginae appeared in some photos that sparked controversy at Kim Porter's funeral together with her mom Toya Wright, Kandi Burruss, Rasheeda, and Kirk Frost, and NeNe Leakes.

There were more people who said the same thing – that they don’t find it appropriate to take pics in the graveyard smiling after a funeral.

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  • Linda Whitley
    Linda Whitley Nov 26, 2018 11:32 AM PST

    What's wrong with you people, why the smiles??? We see you all smiling all the time, this is NOT the time for it!!!

  • Yo
    Yo Nov 26, 2018 10:50 AM PST

    I don't know why her parents don't make her stay in a child's place. 19 is not grown .That man is too old for her and I bet he has her doing God knows what. What does a man his age want with a child ? Says a lot about him. Smh

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