Reginae Carter's Latest Photo And Caption Has Some Fans Freaking Out

Reginae Carter's Latest Photo And Caption Has Some Fans Freaking Out
Credit: BET

Reginae Carter shared a photo on her social media account since she was little and the caption has some fans freaking out. Check out the photo below.

'When yo mama 15 and you playing in her teen club attire 😂😂😂' Nae captioned her photo which triggered a debate in the comments regarding the subject of being a young mom.

A lot of fans freaked out because they did not know that Toya had Nae at such a young age. But diehard fans defended Toya in the comments.

Somoene said: 'I’m assuming she approved that caption,' and another follower posted: 'She gon click out on you for that caption 😂😂😂'

One commenter shared: 'Lol my mom was 16 & turned 17 two weeks after she had me. It happens ❤️❗'

Someone else wrote: 'Everybody knows Toya had her at a young age. She may not have approved this picture but somebody took it so why not share.'

A follower responded tot he commenter above with: 'it’s the caption she wouldn’t approve of not the picture. Doesn’t matter if everyone knows she was young, maybe she doesn’t want it repeated 😂'

A commenter posted: 'My mom had me at 15 too and she did a good job raising me just like Toya did with you 😍💯, I love it 😘'

Not too long ago, Nae showed off a new look , and her fans and followers were here for it. Check out her pics in which she flaunts her new braids.

A lot of fans gushed over Nae’s look in the comments section, and people told her that this new look definitely suits her and is appropriate for her young age.

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