Reginae Carter's Fans Praise Her Beauty After She Gets Body Shamed By Haters

Reginae Carter's Fans Praise Her Beauty After She Gets Body Shamed By Haters
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Reginae Carter is no stranger to haters slamming her looks and body shaming her. Just recently, someone commented on one of her pics and the person sad that Nae is 'not ugly,' but she should wear some makeup.

The comment triggered mixed reactions from fans. Some of them wanted to defend Nae and said that she doesn't need makeup because she is gorgeous without it, and other people said that the person did not mean any harm.

Even Nae's mom, Toya Wright defended her . After that, Toya shared another post on her own social media in which she was slamming haters of both her daughters really hard .

Anyway, Reginae shared a new photo, and her diehard fans keep praising her beauty in the comments section.

Someone even told Nae to disable comments in she gets so much hate on Instagram, but Reginae is a pretty tough young lady, and she chose not to shut down comments.

The commenter said 'You are beautiful. Turn off your comments so these haters that follow you won’t have a place to be “great” 🙄'

Someone else also gushed over Nae and said 'So gorge w/o the makeup the makeup just enhances ur beauty,' while another person wrote 'Yesss u still beautiful without all that makeup i don't wear it all the time either.'

A follower posted that 'she's beautiful; she just looks like the average person with all the makeup just like all the other famous people.'

We believe that Reginae is a beautiful young lady and body shaming should be out of the question for her and anyone, in general.

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