Reginae Carter's Fans Believe That She's Not Acting Naturally Around YFN Lucci

Reginae Carter's Fans Believe That She's Not Acting Naturally Around YFN Lucci
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Some new videos featuring Toya Wright's daughter Reginae Carter and her BF made people displeased with her relationship with YFN Lucci. People don't like the way she's acting when he's around. Just check out the live video captured by The Shade Room below.

Someone commented 'she’s a bit extra I wish she just be herself this fake me out voice is 🙄' and another follower noted the same thing: 'I dunno why she's not acting normal when he's around, she's kinda fake.'

One person said that they 'would’ve got slapped in his mouth right on live 😭' and someone else posted 'He just messed her whole vibe up she salty. 💀'

A commenter paid more attention to the car: 'Am I the only one not impressed with the customization of the cars, I like em just not the Exterior colors like that.'

This is not the first time that fans don't really like what they see regarding this couple.

We recently reported that these two appeared in a series of videos where they are goofing around and seem to be getting ready for an epic Super Bowl event.

After Lucci made a few jokes, Reginae was not too pleased, and she gave him a killer look and walked away.

Many are warning Toya's daughter to be careful because she will end up as another baby mama.

Nae and Lucci sparked rumors that they broke up during the past year, but it seems that they are still an item.

Toya was not pleased with this relationship at the beginning but we don't know how she feels about it these days. We'll keep you posted.


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