Reginae Carter's Boyfriend YFN Lucci Is Being Compared To R. Kelly After Lifetime's 'Surviving' Docuseries Aired

Reginae Carter's Boyfriend YFN Lucci Is Being Compared To R. Kelly After Lifetime's 'Surviving' Docuseries Aired
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It seems that the love is real between Reginae Carter and her boyfriend, YFN Lucci. Toya Wright's daughter took to social media where she posted a few sweet pictures where she is hugging the rapper.

The lovebirds are wearing matching outfits and hugging, and they appear to be enjoying their holiday together.

For a brief period of time, the twosome seemed to have split after an episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle aired where Reginae, 20, had a heated conversation with Toya who confessed that she was not a big fan of the rapper because he is about eight years older.

Lil Wayne's daughter said: "I really like him. He's sweet and livin' life. Livin' our best life."

Toya explained: "I don't like the age difference. I don't like the fact that he have [sic] four kids because I mean, you trying to be stepmom, honey?"

The mom of two went on to say: "You know how I feel about that whole rapper thing. I dated your dad when I was younger than that, and there's a whole lot that comes with that lifestyle. And that's the last thing I want or any mother want."

The mother and daughter duo went back and forth with Reginae telling her mother she is grown enough to make her own decision.

With Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly currently trending on social media, many are referencing the singer in the story.

One person said: "Age ain’t nothing but a number huh Lucci. .Y' all support this but say r Kelly a monster y'all some hypocrites period somebody tell her its never cute when they try to match."

Another commenter claimed: "She too young for him. How Weezy even let this happen.Exactly. 18, 19, and 20-year-olds are a legal age but can't do certain things as you could when you turn 21. The laws know 18-20-year-olds are still immature kids. That's why they have laws in place for certain age restrictions...."

This follower defended YFN Lucci by writing: "Why would you call this man a pedophile for dating an adult!? And comparing him to R. Kelly? Sickening. The difference is she was GROWN when they started dating .. you sound jealous and bigggg mad so what if they have a little drama none of us is perfect so what you saying your life is so perfect girl bye you don’t really know those people you only see what you see on tv and for what I see Toya don’t fight on no love N hip hop show never toya carry herself like a lady u jealousy’all are so miserable in these comments."

What are your thoughts on this romance?

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