Reginae Carter Seems Emotional As She Talks About Losing Her Best Friend To Lori Harvey In New Video

Reginae Carter Seems Emotional As She Talks About Losing Her Best Friend To Lori Harvey In New Video
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Not that long ago, Reginae Carter and Taina Williams were very close friends who traveled the world together. The two friends often appeared in bathing suit photos where they showed off their gorgeous beach bodies.

However, for the past months, Lil Wayne's daughter has been more on a solo trip, and Taina has become best friends with Lori Harvey.

Reginae recently did an interview where she spoke about losing her best friend to Lori. A fan asked Reginae if the girls ditched her because she does not fit.

She responded by: "I have no problems with Taina, and I have no problems with Lori… They're all my friends, and we're cool, we talk, it's no problem."

She added: "So for all of you to tell me I don't fit in with a group when they girls live in LA together, and I live in Atlanta--so I can't show my beach body—I can't be in the pictures, so that's what it is. We all cute, we all cute as hell!"

One fan had this to say: "Sometimes it's Ok NOT to fit in! That's only because they can't handle your awesomeness! 🤸🏾‍♂️_"

This backer wrote: "She stays in atl the rest of them stay in Cali... plus it's a virus. Everyone tries to bring her down about her appearance, and I'm glad that she remains confident ♥️"

This follower shared: "Sagittarius never fit in because of we too busy showing out. Ain't never missed a loss. She ain't ran thru like them😂 whole industry then had her friends. How can u claim someone doesn't fit in with a group of people that you've never interacted with your entire life?"

This Instagrammer claimed: "She doesn't fit in! She actually stands out! Glow hard, pretty Nae! Idk why y'all give reginae such a hard time, she lit, she knows her worth, and she's beautiful... u know what, Now that I think about it, I see why y'all hate on her. Y'all like birds, a real female is intimidating to some."

Another person explained: "I'm no therapist, but it's evident that the comment really hurt her feelings. You can hear it in her voice. She almost said they were her friends and then she stopped herself and said they were cool lol and people know what they mean when they say she doesn't fit it, two different aesthetics. 🤷🏽‍♀️"

This observer added: "She's doesn't fit in because she is her OWN person and has never changed 💓This sounds like some colorist stuff honestly. Like saying because she's darker, she can't compare. People's circles change all the time, so what's the issue. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔"

Reginae has shown a lot of class in the way she handled this question.

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