Reginae Carter Suggests Quavo Dating Rumors Are Definitely Not True

Reginae Carter Suggests Quavo Dating Rumors Are Definitely Not True
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Hot New Hip Hop says Quav o is currently dating his fellow rapper, Saweetie, and he couldn't be happier about it. For that reason, it's not hard to imagine why Quavo was quick to deny rumors he was sleeping with Reginae Carter , Lil' Wayne's daughter, behind closed doors.

It was amid the Jeezy and Gucci Mane Verzuz battle when the stand-up comic, Gerald Houston, stirred up controversy when he asked Quavo if he was sleeping with Reginae. Quavo tweeted, "internet crazy man," after a screenshot of Houston's comment spread all over the internet.

A lot of people online began making wise-cracks at the thought of Quavo and Reginae Carter linking up together. Additionally, it was reported earlier today that Reginae also came forward to deny the rumors.

The reality star urged her fans and followers not to "run with a story" that was made in a comment section from someone she doesn't even know. The star went on to say it was "really sick" the way that anyone could create and spread "fake news."

As for Houston, on the other hand, no one knows why he came up with the story, but Hot New Hip Hop says he has a reputation as a troll, so it's possible he just did it for publicity, attention, or just to get a rise out of a situation.

As it was already noted above, Quavo is currently dating his fellow rapper, Saweetie, who just dropped a brand new single earlier this month, "Back to the Streets," featuring Jhené Aiko. Interestingly, Saweetie and Quavo managed to stir up a lot of controversy in recent news.

The former took to her social media to suggest that if a man wasn't paying his woman's bills, buying her Birkins bags, or fronting for her lifestyle, then she had to send him "back to the streets."


Quavo then shrugged as he walked toward the camera as if he was somewhat agreeing with what she was saying. Later, a lot of social media users discussed whether it was right or not to buy luxurious gifts or spend one's money on investments instead.

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