Reginae Carter Rocks YFN Lucci's Chain In New Photos -- Nod To JAY-Z And Beyonce's Goes Viral

Reginae Carter Rocks YFN Lucci's Chain In New Photos -- Nod To JAY-Z And Beyonce's Goes Viral
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A fed-up Reginae Carter is using JAY-Z and his wife, Beyonce, to take down the haters bashing her romance with boyfriend YFN Lucci.

Since 19-year-old Reginae and the 27-year-old rapper YFN Lucci have made their relationship public, they have been attacked left and right because of the age difference.

Often, fans point to JAY-Z and his spouse, who have a 12-year-age gap between them. Beyonce is 36 while Jay is 48.

Toya Wright's daughter shared a few sexy photos in a mini black dress where she is rocking YFN Lucci's massive chain.

Lil Wayne's daughter captioned the photos: "Love me or hate me, either way, I’m truly blessed. The present, that’s a gift ? That's why they call it the present."

She added: "Exclusive & she Boujee, YEAHHH."

In 2003, Jay dropped a track, entitled "Public Service Announcement" where he spit those lyrics to Queen Bey, "Got the hottest chick in the game wearin' my chain, that's right." So, it is easy to see where Reginae got the inspiration from and what message she was sending.

One fan told the college student: “Got the baddest chick in the game wearing my chain” I knew one of these rappers was gonna come for my homegirl. Didn't think it would be @yfnlucci.Good look. Age ain't nothing but a number as long as she is grown it does not matter. You can have your opinion on this Queen. Whatever it is. But one thing for sure that has to be universal--- Her smile is top 3 greatest smiles ever lol. It is infectious you are really a picture of beauty..u and Reign and your mom.

Another commenter stated: "First, y’all was hating now she rocks his chain now y’all on her bandwagon ............ f%ck the internet.I'm her for it nae’lucci.Yesssss cum thru Lucci y’all are so cute together. Yesterday is a mystery... tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift which is why they call it the present. Yfn is 27 she is husband is seven years older then me..met him when I was 21...18 years later and I'm still very well taken care life..happy...she has grown so she can be with a 40-year-old if she wanted to. They are eight years apart... you act like it’s an 18 years difference what about Jay and Beyonce?!. "

A naysayer wrote: "This how you gone be coming wearing ya [email protected] name around yo neck I just don't get it how you a rapper daughter rocking another rapper chain him and your daddy a couple of years apart. Damn Wayne."

Haters left Beyonce alone maybe they will do the same with Reginae.

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